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Shopping at Shein has become very common in recent times, especially with the increase in online sales and the security that consumers feel in purchasing products over the internet. However, stores that sell international products can generate certain doubts in people regarding order tracking and taxation. So come with me, understand better How to know if you have been taxed at Shein.

How do I know if I was taxed at Shein? (Image: Sincerely Media / Unsplash)

Generally, the tracking offered by the Shein app and website shows when a purchase is taxed, because the step “Awaiting payment” after passing through customs inspection. The same information can also be seen on the Correios tracking website.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

However, if the tracking has not been updated (which may happen), it is necessary to check if there was a charge for your imports on the Correios website. It is in this area that you will have access in detail to the complete charge of the fee and you can pay it to receive the order:

  1. Access the Correios website –
  2. Click on “My Imports”

    Right on the home page of the site, scroll a little and click on the blue button “Go to My Imports”;screenshot home page post office

  3. Sign in to your account

    If you don’t already have an account, click the button “Register”;screenshot registration website post office

  4. Check if the order in question has an orange “ball”

    On the next screen, a list of your imports will appear. Find the order you want to know if it has been taxed. if he is in “Situation” with an orange “ball”, “Indicates that action must be taken so that the object is forwarded to its destination”, as the Correios website points out. Next to the taxed order number, there will be a button where you can see the entire charge and another to go to the payment page.sscreenshot rate imports post office

Now, if your order is like “Customs inspection completed” and with object in transit, it means that the product was not taxed and will soon be at the delivery destination.

screenshot how to know if i was taxed shein
At what value can I have my purchase taxed?

International purchases made by individuals cannot exceed US$ 3,000 per transaction. For orders up to US$ 500 the tax is simplified. THE tax rate exemption occurs in purchases of books, magazines (or other periodicals) and medicines (up to US$ 10 thousand), and for orders of up to US$ 50 made between two individuals, according to Ordinance 156 of 1999. However, Decree- Law No. 1,804/80 states the exemption for orders worth up to US$ 100 when destined for individuals. In this way, when judicially entered, the decision can consider the 1980 Decree.

Can I refuse the order at the Post Office?

Yes. In “My Imports” on the Correios website, when you enter to check the taxation, there is a button to refuse the taxed object.

Can I disagree with the tax charged for my order?

Yea! You can request the review of taxes also in the area “My Imports” on the Post Office website. In this case, it is necessary to gather documents that prove the amount paid for the order.

How much time do I have to make the payment?

The Post Office keeps international objects stored for up to 30 days. After that, they are returned to the sender. Objects with imprecise or incomplete descriptions are also returned.

How can I pay the fee?

Taxes and services are paid by bank slip or through the Correios app available for Android and iOS.

After payment of the fee, where will my order be delivered?

The order is delivered to the address of the recipient and the delivery time varies according to each type of shipment.

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