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The first public beta of watchOS 7 is finally available. For the first time, Apple allows you to pre-test everything new in the next major version of the smartwatch operating system – provided you have a compatible model. We take stock of its new features, compatible Apple Watch and how to install it.

Credit: Apple

Apple unveiled watchOS 7 at its WWDC 2020 virtual conference. The next major version of the smartwatch operating system offers many new features.

🎁 What is new in watchOS 7?

The first changes concern the framing and their complications. Apple launches a feature Face Sharing which makes it easy to share a frame. Developers can more easily offer third-party frames. New complications refine the user experience.

watchOS 7 sleep tracking
Credit: Apple

watchOS 7 finally activates sleep tracking. This is fully integrated with the Health application. There’s also a customizable routine, to help you fall asleep, and new wake-up alarms. Sleep monitoring mobilizes, on the Apple Watch, a AI integrated into the watch. The official mapping application is equipped with cycle routes with indications of changes in altitude and other alerts.

watchOS 7 cycling navigation
Credit: Apple

Your watch is now able to teach you to dance (sort of) with a new Dance app. Four styles are possible: “Bollywood”, “cardio dance”, “hip hop” and “Latin”. The main goal is to get you moving.

watchOS 7 counter
Credit: Apple

COVID-19 requires, the watch now incorporates a 20-second counter that activates when you try to wash your hands. So you can be sure that you are doing it following the WHO recommendations.

A new application Noise, tells you the ambient noise level and you alert if it is harmful to your hearing. The Health app tracks the number of hours you are exposed to excessive sound levels.

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⌚️ Which Apple Watches are compatible with watchOS 7?

Apple watch

Apple Watches are generally supported for a shorter period of time than iPhones – the fault of limited hardware that still evolves a lot from generation to generation. To date, with watchOS 7, the average support for Apple smartwatches is three years. So only the following models will be able to benefit from watchOS 7 (and the public beta):

  • Apple Watch Series 3 (2017)
  • Apple Watch Series 4 (2018)
  • Apple Watch Series 5 (2019)

This of course includes later models: Apple is due to present an Apple Watch Series 6 sometime in September.

⬇️ How do I install the watchOS 7 public beta?

Want to take the plunge? Before continuing, you have to warn you all the same : you cannot no longer switch back to watchOS 6 if your watch has too many bugs. If you’re not happy with your user experience, you’ll have no choice but to patiently wait until the final version arrives.

Note also that you won’t be able to install the public beta on your smartwatch if you don’t have the iOS 14 beta on the iPhone with which it is paired. It is generally not recommended to install a beta version on a smartphone that you use every day due to incompatibilities of some common applications and the possible occurrence of bugs.

apple watch two weeks lake bottom still working

To install watchOS 7 beta anyway on your Apple Watch:

  • From your iPhone (iOS 14) visit the official beta program page by clicking here
  • Still from iPhone, touch Download profile to install the profile corresponding to the watchOS 7 beta

Your Apple Watch will then automatically receive the beta over-the-air if you have enabled automatic updates. If this happens, or if it takes too long, search for an update through the Watch app on your iPhone (General> Updates).

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