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Aloy doesn’t have to suffer more than the inevitable as she ventures into the forbidden west. Equipping the warrior Nora well, and making the necessary improvements to her armor, will help you get through a little less of the squeeze. Even better is to go after the most powerful equipment in the game. In this guide, you’ll find out how to get the legendary outfits in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to get the Legendary Outfits of Horizon Forbidden West (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

In addition to the battles in the arena, to accumulate medals and exchange them for costumes (which will require you to face the machine arena several times), it is also possible to buy legendary armor from specific vendors, who will ask you for machine parts as well. rare in return, or by completing a side quest that will take almost the entire campaign to complete. Yes, none of the paths is very easy.

Now let’s break down each of them…

1. Legendary Outfit from Collection Contracts

as in Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbbiden West It will also make the player spend almost the entire game completing tasks until they can unlock legendary armor. In this case, you must enter into collection contracts (specifically for machine parts) ordered from Aloy by a group of Oseram collectors.

The missions basically boil down to destroying machines, respecting some pre-requirements requested in the contract (such as not damaging “x” parts and etc), and doing some investigations. What will really take time in this mission is finding all four camps scattered across the map. Some, for reasons of advancing in the campaign, you will only find more towards the end of the game.

These camps have a sheet of paper icon on the map and can be fixed if you want. They also serve as quick travel points. Even after completing all tasks in all camps and getting the outfit, it will still be possible to return to these locations to buy machine parts.

Legendary Artificer Oseram costume (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

See the location of the four collector camps:

  • Collection Agreement: Ocasia – This is the first camp you will find and the easiest of all, as it is in the most initial part of the map. You can find him west of the village of Ocasia. You’ll end up tripping over it even if you’re not looking.
  • Collection Agreement: Calm Dunes – It is in the center of the desert area of ​​the map. Almost a straight line south of Firespear village. The camp is next to the wreckage of a plane.
  • Collection Agreement: Poços Verdes – The camp is in the central region, far north of the map and close to the Firespear village. Finding this location is perhaps the most “tricky” of all, as there aren’t that many landmarks nearby and it’s not in the way of any extremely important missions.
  • Collection Agreement: Chuvaral – It is in the greenest area of ​​the map, to the left of the desert region and to the right of the Farswamp village. This is another campground that you might stumble across in the course of some mission. It’s not that hard to find it.

Upon completing all tasks in all collector camps you will receive the Legendary Costume Artificer Oseram, one of the best (if not the best) in the game. It’s a great option if you prefer more melee gameplay. By upgrading it to fifth level (which is a lot of work), the armor boosts your elemental protection and resistance to melee and ranged damage.

2. Legendary Arena Outfits

Exchange your Arena Medals for Legendary Outfits (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

A little further on in the campaign, you’ll have a chance to re-establish the Tenakth combat arena and take part in battles against hordes of machines. The arena is on the northern edge of the greenish area of ​​the map, between the desert and the icy region.

Depending on Aloy’s performance and the time she takes in each challenge, the warrior will receive an “x” number of medals. When you have enough medals, take them to Dukkah (the Prize Mistress), who is also in the arena, and exchange them for unique outfits.

With it, you can buy the following legendary armors:

  • Nora Thundering Warrior Outfit – Great choice for those who prefer more ranged combat. The main boosts of this armor go to concentration and stamina and concentration regeneration skills.
  • Tenakth Annihilator Suit – Armor with a focus on survival. “The more you bleed, the more your enemies bleed.” That’s because its main feature is to give bravery, melee and defense boosts whenever Aloy is low on health.
  • Elite Carja Squeezer Outfit – A good option to give your traps more lethality when hunting. With it, the limit for carrying traps is increased to two, as well as bonuses for ambush. Aloy will be faster at forging items too.

3. Farswamp’s Legendary Outfits

If you have the resources, exchange them for legendary outfits in the Farswamp (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

The Farswamp settlement is in the green region of the map and, as the name suggests, it was actually built in the middle of a swamp. This location is on the western edge of the map, but still on the mainland.

Once there, go to the tailor and buy the following legendary outfits (if you have the necessary shards and machine parts):

  • Tenakth Strategist Outfit – This is the best armor for anyone who wants to be a master of machine control. With it, you can increase the conversion time, health and damage of your mechanical pets.
  • Winter Malha Costume Utaru – Excellent option for more stealth-focused gameplay. Therefore, its main boosts go to silent movement, stealth, silent spear and +1 ability to carry smoke bombs.

And these are all the legendary outfits available at Horizon Forbidden West. Good luck getting them and, especially, improving them later.

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