How to generate a virtual card just for Black Friday purchases

O virtual card has become a good alternative for shopping online. With it, it is possible to have a credit card with all the “normal” functionalities, even though it is not physical, like the plastic ones that live in your wallet.

The option is present in practically all banks and with several options for use, such as a stipulated term or limited value. With the arrival of Black Friday, the advantage of having a card of this modality is the convenience and the fact that you don’t have to wait for it to be sent by post.

Today, TecMundo teaches you how to create a virtual card at your financial institution, in addition to presenting the advantages and disadvantages of using it. Check out:

With the virtual card, you no longer have to wait for a physical model to be sent.Fonte:  Shutterstock

How the virtual card works

As its name suggests, it works in a completely virtual way. It has the same data as a normal credit card, such as Code, Name, Expiration Date, and Security Code, however, there is no way to physically access it, just an image with the data to use it for online purchases.

It is also important to point out that to have a virtual card, you need to have a physical model at the financial institution. This is because it works as a kind of “reserve card”, sharing the same invoice and the same functions.

With a virtual model you don't always have to have the physical card in handWith a virtual model you don’t always need to have the physical card in hand.Fonte:  Shutterstock

With this, you can, for example, leave it exclusively for online transactions, in virtual stores, delivery services, transport applications, and leave the use of the principal for day-to-day transactions that only accept the traditional model.

Another big difference is that many financial institutions make it possible to create virtual cards with limitations. It is possible to create a model with a fixed amount to be used, which will be deleted when the balance runs out, or even choose the period in which it will be active and how many transactions, at the most, it will be possible to carry out with it. This action may vary according to the rules of each bank, as some allow the creation of these models and others do not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Virtual Card

The main advantage of the virtual card is the practicality to create it. In seconds you can generate your template and start using it in online stores and services. And just like the traditional model, you can keep your payment information with it in case you don’t want to keep sending all the data with every new purchase.

It is possible to store payment information as in the traditional modelIt is possible to store the payment information as in the traditional model.Fonte:  Shutterstock

In terms of security, it also offers a number of advantages. If you are the victim of any cloning of this card, it is possible to block and cancel it through your bank’s application so that no new transactions are carried out. Another advantage is that, if your main physical card is cloned or stolen, and you block and cancel it, you can continue using the virtual card until another model is sent to your home.

However, this card model can only be used for online purchases. And it’s important to be careful how you keep his information.

Avoid taking screenshots and sharing images with your virtual card dataAvoid taking screenshots and sharing images with your virtual card data.Fonte:  Shutterstock

For example, it is not recommended that you take screenshots and save them as an image. Every time you need to use it, access your bank’s application, with all the security steps activated, and view it from there.

How to create a virtual card

The step by step to create a virtual card is basically the same for each bank, just changing the location of some functions in the layout of each app. In our example, we’ll show you how you can generate a model in the Nubank app. Check out:

1. Access the Nubank app on your mobile.

2. In the app, access the option “My cards”.

In option In the option “My cards” you can create a template.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

3. On the next screen, click on the option “Create virtual card”.

Even if you already have one, you can create new virtual modelsEven if you already have one, you can create other virtual cards.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

4. Next, name this card’s category. Afterwards, click on the option “Create virtual card”.

It is possible to have a virtual template for an online payment typeIt is possible to have a virtual template for an online payment type.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

5. Create a password for the new card.

6. Okay, now it’s created and available in the main part where your physical and virtual cards are.

Creating a category helps to identify the cardsCreating a category helps to identify the cards.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

Now that you’ve learned how to create your card, be sure to check out TecMundo’s special Black Friday coverage, where you’ll find the best products at the best prices throughout the promotions period.

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