How to find out whose cell phone number it is

With the easy availability of data on the internet, such as cell phone numbers, many people end up receiving unwanted calls frequently – either from strangers or from companies that want to sell some product or service, or even collect charges. In these scenarios, it can be very useful to find out the origin of the number, either to block it properly or to make a formal complaint, in the case of companies, for example.

Another situation in which this can be useful is when you find someone else’s cell phone. Once the number is discovered, it is possible to identify the owner. Through this method, the return process becomes much more practical and quick. That said, here are some ways to find out who the phone number is:

Discover the holder of known numbers

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The methods below are applicable to the hypotheses in which the user is able to identify the number, which is displayed with DDD and the other digits. If this is the case, the process is much simpler. Below are the most common ways to do so:

Call back

Although it seems obvious, this strategy is still the simplest and could not be left out of this list. If the person answers, identify yourself and talk in a friendly manner, explaining the reasons why you do not want to receive future calls. And remember: this goes for both people and companies, if you do not want to buy the products offered or are the target of undue or insistent charges.

It is worth remembering that there are several commercial numbers programmed to not receive calls. In this case, returning the call will have no effect.

Search the number on a search engine

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Another very effective alternative is to search for the number on search engines like Google and Bing. This is because, often, users and companies disclose their contact numbers on the internet and it is possible that they are indexed. Depending on the case, the results can be very detailed, with names, company names and even physical addresses.

It is still possible to use search services linked to the Deep Web, which are more specialized and offer more chances of success. If you want to venture down this path, pay attention: you need to be careful about the security of your computer. Given the risks offered, we do not recommend this method.

Search for the number on social media

If you do not get satisfactory results from the previous survey, it is worth asking for reinforcements from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Here, it is easier to find the number holder when it is an individual, as many people associate their numbers with the account. On Facebook, it is interesting to search for the term “my phone number (contact)”, as many users exchange contact in this way in public posts or between friends.

Use public lists

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If the number is linked to a company, you may be able to identify its owner on public commercial list sites, such as, Yellow List or 102 Busca. Unlike social networks, this method is only applicable to legal entities, that is, to a company. In addition, the chances are greater when the number is fixed.

Discover holder of unknown numbers

Often, calls do not identify numbers, displaying messages such as “restricted call”, “private number” or “00000” and other variants. Thus, the user is not able to write down the number and use the previous methods. Even so, it is possible to discover the person responsible for the call, through more drastic measures. Check it out below:

Use identifier apps

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For the service, you can download some applications, such as Truecaller and Whoscall, which have a database with numbers identified as spam by users. These programs are especially useful for avoiding telemarketing calls and are available for both iPhone (iOS) and Android, in addition to having web versions.

Both work in a similar way, identifying private calls and SMS, with blocking options to prevent collection calls, advertisements, scams and prank calls.

Additional services offered by operators

Although many users are unaware, operators offer additional paid services that allow, among other things, the identification of anonymous calls. It is still possible to pay an extra amount to return the last call, even if it is anonymous, and track the calls (service that forwards you to the responsible authorities at the end of the call).

There is also a service known as a “call trap” that, although it is free, requires a more active attitude from the user. In this case, the operator will set a deadline for him to record the days and times of the calls.

What to do after identifying the holder?

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Of course, the procedure varies depending on the content of the connections. If you are receiving telemarketing calls, you can request that your number be removed from contact lists or block the company through the website Não Me Perturbe (

If you are a natural person on the other end of the line and you have suffered harassment, slander or threats, the best attitude is to open a police report, even when the person responsible is not identified at first.

With the number in hand and the record of the call, it is possible to register and initiate a lawsuit, requesting the breach of telephone confidentiality with the operator. In this case, after going to the police station, it is recommended to call a lawyer or the Public Defender’s Office to obtain the necessary guidance.

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