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THE Nintendo already recognized the flaw called “drift”On its Joy-Con controls, from the Switch, to the point of offering free exchange or repair in the markets where it operates. With the official arrival of the console in Brazil, the company also started to offer the service in a broader and more accessible way around here – find out how to change or order repairs on your Joy-Cons.

Points to note

The “Drift” is a problem that causes the Joy-Con analog to move itself in any direction. It appears for no apparent reason and the repair can be by replacing a part or the complete control.

The repair or repair of Joy-Cons is officially offered by Nintendo, but performed by a company called Deal4B, in an official manner, authorized by Nintendo itself.

As it is a problem officially recognized by Nintendo, the repair is offered free of charge, as long as the user and owner of the console and Joy-Cons obey some rules for shipping accessories to the authorized company.

Switch controls manufactured by third parties, which are not Nintendo official, are not eligible for free or paid repair through this channel. For this type of accessory you need to seek help from another specialized company.

How to change or repair Joy-Cons

Nintendo offers an official support field on its website for Brazil, in Portuguese. However, it is possible to seek help and open a direct repair request using the email provided by the responsible companies.

The process described below was done based on my personal experience and can change at any time. Keep in mind that, in case of additional questions, please consult this official link for further information.

To request the repair, follow the steps:

  1. Enter your email and write to [email protected];
  2. In the body of the email, explain that you have the Drift problem at the Joy-Con and ask politely for the repair.

Soon you will receive a response from the authorized company, which will ask you for some data. Usually these data are:

  • Your full name
  • CPF or CNPJ
  • Complete mailing address (with zip code)
  • Contact email or phone
  • Defective product model and serial number
  • Defect description
  • Photo or copy of the invoice
  • If possible, photo or video of the defect attached or hosted on Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive

To obtain the Serial Number, do the following:

  1. Turn on the Switch with the connected Joy-Con;
  2. On the Switch, select Settings;
  3. Choose the last option, Console / Console;
  4. Go to Serial Numbers;
  5. Write down all Serial Numbers, especially Joy-Con.

How to exchange Joy-Cons with drift in Brazil [Nintendo Switch] / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

Note that the answer will ask for “Photo or copy of the invoice”, but this field does not appear to be mandatory.

In my case, the Nintendo Switch was purchased in the USA at launch in 2017, and for this reason I no longer have the invoice. However, even so, my service was carried out normally – and I explained the reason for not having the note anymore.

However, if the user still has the note saved, it is recommended to send it in the reply.

This was the photo I sent of my two defective Joy-Con pairs / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

This was the photo I sent of my two defective Joy-Con pairs

Sending the Joy-Cons

It is possible to request the repair of as many pairs of Joy-Cons as the user deems necessary, provided that he answers all the points correctly.

After some time of the request you will receive a “Post Office Notice”, a post authorization. There is no need to print, just write down the number or take the email saved on your cell phone.

How to exchange Joy-Cons with drift in Brazil [Nintendo Switch] / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

Example of a postal authorization authorization

With the number in hand, take the Joy-Cons to the nearest Post Office and request the post. You will not pay anything for it. Box and address will be provided by the Post Office, if it is its own. If you are a franchisee you will need to bring your own box.

Also take the product invoice, if you have one, or fill out the Correios content declaration form, offered at this official link.

Don't forget to fill in the Post Office form

Don’t forget to fill in the Post Office form

Waiting for the return

Shipping is usually done by SEDEX, one of the fastest ways of Correios. From there, just wait for the accessories to arrive at the repair address and wait for their return.

If the company deems it necessary, the controls will be changed. If not, only the repair can be carried out.

There is a maximum waiting period of 15 days for repair and return to the user’s home. Usually the Joy-Cons resent will come with the Anatel seal and a letter with tips on how to take good care of the devices.

It is worth remembering that everything described here was done based on my own experience. If there is any problem in the process, please deal directly with the company email or on Nintendo’s official support website.

One last detail to remember is that, until further notice, the steps described above “how to change your Joy-Cons” only address problems of “Drift”On the controls.

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