How to erase your History? 1 episode, 1 series, in full!

Learn how to clear your history on Netflix. From a single episode or film to the whole!

We’ve all done it, you’re curious to see a movie or series on Netflix. But it’s not a movie you admit you saw and you want to clear your history. But you give in and you watch it. Then you have to face the embarrassment of seeing it continually appear in your spectator history. With shared accounts and roaming passwords on Netflix. It is quite easy to see what anyone has done with binge watcher!

So how to clear your Netflix history ? There’s 365 dni, one of Netflix’s most popular current titles, that could be your culprit right now. We give you all the info for the rest here by the way! Then there is the famous Gaspar Noé film from 2015, Love, which looks like 365 dni and which makes it pass for a film for children! The film was originally filmed in 3-D and features non-simulated scenes where you can see everything.

Whether you don’t want your family to see 365 dni in your viewing history, or just watch a particularly cheesy sitcom you’d rather forget, we’ve got you covered. It is easy clear your Netflix history, and here’s everything you need to know to do it.

How to delete a series episode or a movie from its Netflix history?

First, log in to your Netflix account and click on the profile icon to access the “Account” section. From there you will see the profile section. If you share your account with several users, you must go to the icon bearing your name, then click on View activity or the small down arrow.

A list will appear, click on “History” showing all your historical sure Netflix. To delete a single title, simply select the ban button on the right side of the screen. Which gives users the opportunity to hide from Netflix history. That’s it.

How do I delete an entire series from Netflix history?

Netflix allows you to easily hide your guilt and your frenzy of consumption in high season. For erase an entire series, select a single episode of the series you want to delete in your historical. When you click on the ban button to delete the single episode, you will be asked to delete the entire series with the “Hide series” button. The series will no longer be used to make recommendations for future reading unless you watch it again.

How do I completely delete the Netflix history?

You could not do without 365 Dni and its sizzling actors and you have had many personal screenings. There is a solution for that too. Netflix allows users to clear all history that they’ve watched in the past, clearing their account.

For delete complete history from Netflix, go to the bottom of the viewing history page. There you will find a button that says “Hide All” in the lower corner of the screen. By clicking on this button, you hide all history of your profile. Just be careful before selecting this option. It cannot be canceled, and this means that Netflix will no longer use your historical past to recommend similar series and films for broadcast in the future.

This is in most cases immediate, and it works 100% within 24 hours. However, if you have a child account, it will not be possible for you clear the Netflix history. Sorry young Padawan we will have to assume now!

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