How To Earn Money Online On Instagram In 2023


The world will tell you, how to make money online on Instagram. But, in this guide on TechToAssam Blog, How To Earn Money Online On Instagram In 2022 in less than a day. Have you ever wanted to make money on Instagram but never understood how. Because of all other articles on the internet teaching this, suck

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Making money on Instagram is very basic. First of all, become an affiliate. Now you may ask, what is an affiliate? An affiliate is someone who sells a product on behalf of someone else, normally a company to get a commission. The key is to sell a product targeted to your niche.

So, to do this, go to Amazon, Clickbank, Warrior Plus, or any other place where you can become an affiliate. I recommend amazon. in as they have a lot of products in different niches. Just search for Amazon Affiliate Program in Google and you will find it. Once you sign up, you will easily find what product you want to sell.

This should match your niche. Then, once you find a product, you want to get an affiliate link for that specific product, if you don’t know how to do this, here’s the guide on TechToAssam Media regarding the use of Amazon or Flipkart Affiliate Programme.

Read this guide first – Amazon Affiliate Programme Commission Rates & How To Use Perfectly. Now, once you have that link, you put it in your Instagram bio and start promoting it. Say, you’ve 10,000 followers and you are selling a backpack. The backpack costs 50$ and you get a 6% commission for each sale on Amazon. Then, if 2% of your followers buy a backpack, you make 600$.


The second method by which you can make the money is by becoming a drop shipper. This method is a lot better than being an affiliate. But it might cost you around 50$ to 100$ to get started, which is nothing though. So what you do is make an online store. Then you copy products from another website like, which sells cheap products.

Then you double the price on your site and you put your website URL in your Instagram Bio. Then when people buy from your website, let’s say they pay 20$ for a watch, you just go over to and buy the same watch for 10$ and then ship that watch from to your customers’ address.

Super easy and lucrative. Soon we will upload the guide on dropshipping as well. So, stay tuned with and we will complete your research for making money on Instagram.


The third method is selling shoutouts. Selling shoutouts is the easiest way to make money on Instagram quickly.

For those who don’t know what is, it is a website where you can sell shoutouts. Now before we get into how shout-out works and how you sell shout-outs on the website, let’s first look at the requirements to sell a shout-out on the website. So as you can see, there are mandatory requirements –

  • The authenticity of your followers.
  • The authenticity of comments on your post.
  • The activity of your account, amount of posts, and the quality of those posts.
  • Engagement on your posts.
  • At least 10k followers.

The company claims that they also do not approve accounts in the following niches:

  • Provocative or suggestive themes.
  • S4S accounts aimed strictly at shot outs as the primary content.
  • Accounts that promote the use of alcohol, weed, drugs, or banned substances.
  • Accounts that may infringe on someone’s copyright or trademark.
  • Any other category not supported by Instagram’s terms of service and policies.

Now, that being said, and now that you know how or how you get your account approved on our cart. We can move on to its selling part. And, how you are going to set up your profile. How to sell the shout-outs and all that stuff.

So, visit on your computer is better, otherwise on your mobile. If you don’t have an account, just click register for free. If already have an account, please make sure to log in using the right credentials.

Once you are on a shout cart, the first thing you can go ahead and do is go to accounts. And, this is where you add your account now.


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