Instagram is one of the most widely used social media applications for sharing photos and videos. Usually IG users share daily videos and funny videos just to entertain their followers. It’s not uncommon for the desire to download videos from Instagram and save them in the Smartphone gallery, which can be done using the following method.

One of the things that makes users feel at home using Instagram is because there are various types of videos uploaded by other users every day. Apart from that, some users also deliberately look for interesting videos on Instagram and then save the videos for re-sharing or just collecting them.

If you want to download or save a video from IG to the HP gallery, Instagram doesn’t provide this feature. That is, you will not find features or download buttons on videos that you want to save to the gallery. In other words, you need a special way to download and save videos from Instagram to the Android Smartphone gallery. This method can be done very easily and does not require additional applications.

How to download videos from Instagram to the gallery without an application

As previously said, there is no built-in IG feature that allows you to save videos you like to your cellphone gallery. But don’t worry because in this article we will discuss how to download and save videos from Instagram to the cellphone gallery without additional applications.

Because it does not require additional applications, it means that this method is very practical and easy to do. To do this, please follow the steps below.

The first step is to open the Instagram application on the Android smartphone you are using and look for the video you like and want to download it to the cellphone gallery.

In the Instagram window that displays the video you want to save, please tap the dot icon in the upper right corner of the video. Next, in the options that appear, please tap Copy Link to copy the IG video link.

download videos from Instagram

After that, please open the browser on your Android Smartphone, for example Google Chrome. After the browser is open, in the Google Chrome window , please open the site .

Then, on the SaveFrom site page that opens, please paste ( paste ) the IG video link that you copied earlier, the trick is to long press the Enter URL column then tap Paste .

download videos from Instagram

If the IG video URL doesn’t load automatically, please tap the right arrow icon located to the right of the Enter URL column . If the Instagram video has been loaded, please tap Download MP4 to download the video and save it in the HP gallery.

download videos from Instagram

Next, your Instagram video will be downloaded and please wait until the IG video download process is complete.

After you have carried out the steps above, the interesting video that you want to save can be downloaded to the HP gallery. You can find downloaded videos in the Gallery app or the Downloads folder. Please use the downloaded video for any purpose.


This is an easy way to download and save videos from Instagram and store them in the HP gallery without additional applications. You can download any video to the gallery so you can save it or share it on other social media.

So, please do it this way if you find an interesting video and want to download and save it to your cellphone’s gallery so you can watch it again when you need it.



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