How to Download and Use Google Drive on PC or Laptop

O Google Drive works as a cloud storage service, relying on 15GB free for all users who want to enjoy its benefits. In addition to having subscription plans to expand this minimum size — up to 2 TB — the platform is still known to many people for making it easy to share files of all types and formats.

And for some time now, among the main features of Google Drive, is the synchronization of the app with computers. In this sense, once the software is installed on your desktop, it is possible, also with internet access, to carry out a series of questions in a few minutes, something that can be very useful precisely in the function of sharing files.

The Google storage service was created in 2012.(Shutterstock/Reproduction)The Google storage service was created in 2012.(Shutterstock/Playback)Fonte:  Shutterstock

That way, in addition to having your data backed up in the cloud, you can still manage them in an easy and practical way on your computer. Want to know more about how it all works? Stay tuned for all the details we’ll cover in the text below!

Google Drive: step by step to install on PC

Although it is interesting to use Google Drive directly in the browser or even on mobile devices, now you will also learn how to use it on the computer. At first, access the specific download page. Download the installation file, whether on Windows or Mac. You will need to log in with the information you use to access your Google Drive profile as normal.

Don’t have a Google account yet? Then access the platform through the browser and create an email with password, full name, contact phone and a recovery email. From that point on, you will be able to use Google Drive tools, as well as all other Google applications.

Use your login and password to access the platform and download.  (Google Drive/Playback)Use your login and password to access the platform and download. (Google Drive/Playback)Fonte:  Google Drive

Once this has been done, start the backup and sync, noticing that an icon will appear in the lower right corner in cloud format. Once this process is complete, the cloud upload will end and you may notice that a new folder has been created in My Computer (or Desktop).

Inside it will be all the content you have stored in Google Drive ready to be accessed through your computer. The green dot in the corner of the icon will indicate that the synchronization has already been completed correctly.

If you want, create a shortcut to this folder by clicking the right mouse button.  Make your storage wherever you prefer.  (Google Drive/Playback)If you want, create a shortcut to this folder by clicking the right mouse button. Make your storage wherever you prefer. (Google Drive/Playback)Fonte:  Google Drive

With internet access, synchronization will become automatic. Therefore, when modifying any file that is in one of your folders, it will also be modified in the cloud.

This advantage is very interesting especially when you can share a file through a Google Drive link. If you need to make any changes directly from your computer, synchronization will update it without you having to upload it again. Always make sure your internet connection is active for this to happen fully.

Check out other Google Drive features

With this storage service, users can create folders and open documents of all types at any time from the main interface. When accessing Shared Drives (or Other Computers), you can check all files that have been shared with you via link or email authorization.

Shared folders are also displayed on the desktop version and any modifications within it will also become instantly visible through sync for all users.

Access Shared Drives from your computer as well.  (Google Drive/Playback)Access Shared Drives from your computer as well. (Google Drive/Playback)Fonte:  Google Drive

The platform even allows you to star favorite files that require specific attention. If you delete any file, it will still remain active for at least 30 days without intervention in both the online trash and your computer’s trash.

Another advantage of Google Drive no PC is to be able to manage all the files of modo offline. Thus, it is not necessary that you are always connected to carry out modifications or have access to stored folders. However, after some time it is interesting to synchronize the devices with the help of the internet so that everything works in the best possible way.

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