How to Create a Video Games 2023


Trusting specialists. That’s how direct we start this new article from Gunka Studios. As you will already know if you have previously read any other article published on our blog, we do not usually start by solving doubts so quickly. However, in these lines on how to create video games, our intention is not only to offer you an answer like the one we have given you. The purpose that we set ourselves with everything that we are going to explain below is to detail why you need a team of specialists in video game design and development. Therefore, if you are thinking of creating one, these lines can help you greatly when choosing the best professionals.

A multidisciplinary team to design video games

It is very likely that if you are reading this article you are somewhat familiar with video games or consoles. Whether for leisure or business. The truth is that those that were born in the 80s and 90s have grown hand in hand with the first consoles and computer games. The first Nintendo, SEGA, Game Boy, and, of course, PlayStation, continue to reign in the market today.

However, the concept of video games has evolved a lot since then. So much so that there are now millions of them made with different formats, adapted and/or launched for devices of all kinds, and that use complex technologies. One of the markets where these games are emerging and proliferating the most is that of smartphones and tablets.

If you have had to put yourself on the other side of the player and you are thinking about how to create your video game for others to enjoy, you should know that the process is tremendously complex. Designing and developing video games, whatever the device, will require a lot of technical knowledge and skills from the creator. But even before that, you have to know the strategic pillars on which a project like this rests:

  • programming. Whether or not you are an expert in programming and the world of development, as you can understand, it is essential to master this aspect.
  • design. Another of the fundamental legs is this in which having notions about design and knowing how to apply the best techniques related to the visual will be key when the video game engages the player also because of its “appearance” and what it shows.
  • Animation, acting, and sound. Beyond the visual aspect, how it sounds, how the video game itself has developed animatedly, etc. will also make the player experience optimal or not.
  • Marketing. Finally, no matter how good a product we have, if we don’t sell it in the right media and we don’t make it visible in the channels that can help us the most, our efforts in other areas will be worthless.

Therefore, as you can understand after reading the previous points, to design interactive games you need deep knowledge in certain areas and notions in very diverse branches. For this reason, what you need is a multidisciplinary team of professionals with diverse specialists in various branches.

Tips on how to create video games

At this point, we take the opportunity to recommend the services of Gunka Studios. A team of experts in the development and design of videogames in Bilbao knows what it is doing and what it is telling you along these lines. The reason is that we have hours and projects behind us. That is, we have baggage and experience.

Precisely because of this trajectory with other projects in which clients asked us how to create a specific video game, we have learned the following:

  • The first thing is to have a clear idea. An approximation of what you want to transfer to the company with which you are going to design it. Focusing on the competition or relying on your own experiences as a player can help to do so.
  • You must know your limitations. Mainly, we are talking about budget limitations, since the technology used in the design of video games, depending on what you want to implement, has high costs.
  • Script your idea based on your budget. That is, it raises what story, what characters, and what objectives your project will have.

With this base, comes the best advice that we can give you from Gunka Studios. Leave us and help us work. Those of us who know how to develop a video game are specialists. We have professionals specialized in graphic and sound parts, in what is known as motion graphics and we have the most sophisticated technical equipment for them.

Therefore, in a project with these characteristics, the best thing you can do is let us bring your idea to life. You will approve or adjust the different phases of the project that we present to you. Then you will be able to check all your improvements with various tests and, finally, you will end up launching your video game.


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