How to clean notebook screen? Check out 5 tips

Those who have a notebook know that cleaning the screen is a worrying aspect, after all, the display often gets dirty, especially when they tend to take the machine everywhere. However, you must be careful, as it is not just any product that can be used in the process.

Also, notebooks are often more fragile. Any pressure in the wrong place can damage the screen, which can result in irreparable damage. And, unlike desktops, it is not enough to buy a new monitor, because it is necessary to change the entire part, a repair that can be expensive.

Therefore, we have separated five special tips for those who need to do a screen cleaning. Pay close attention to these suggestions to ensure your notebook is sanitized and runs smoothly—and you’ll find that cleaning the display isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Before cleaning

Make sure the PC is turned off before starting cleaning. (Source: Pexels)Source: Pexels

If you want to clean your notebook screen, you need to take some precautions. Never start the process with the computer turned on. Make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged. For added safety, remove the battery (if it is removable).

Also, ensure the notebook is on a stable surface such as a table or bench. You shouldn’t apply too much force when cleaning the screen, but you still need support to perform the most delicate procedures.

What materials to use (and not to use)

You can use water or specific solutions for cleaning the screen.  (Source: ELGScreen/Reproduction)You can use water or specific solutions for cleaning the screen. (Source: ELGScreen/Reproduction)Source: ELGScreen

It is best to use a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth to ensure the display will not suffer from abrasive materials. As a sanitizing solution, the use of water is recommended, which should not be applied directly to the screen, but to the cloth.

Another option is to buy specific screen cleaning kits, which cost around R$20 and usually have a flannel, a brush and a specific solution.

It is also important to highlight materials that you cannot use on the canvas. Household cleaning products such as alcohol, detergent and window cleaner cannot be applied, as they can be harmful to the notebook display (and cell phone as well). Water is really the most suitable component.

Care when cleaning the screen

It is necessary to clean the screen carefully and gently.  (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)It is necessary to clean the screen carefully and gently. (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

For easy cleaning, place the notebook screen up to the light. That way, it’s easier to identify where it’s dirtiest and which areas need attention. Also, be sure to make smooth movements.

Apply the water or specific cleaning solution to a cloth or flannel, not directly on the screen. In areas where the dirt is more persistent, make circular movements to ensure the removal of stains. Repeat this procedure as many times as necessary, always rubbing the screen gently and carefully.

other care

Do not use the PC until the display is completely dry.  (Source: ELGScreen/Reproduction)Do not use the PC until the display is completely dry. (Source: ELGScreen/Reproduction)Source: ELGScreen

Do not overdo the amount of water or solution. Spray small amounts of liquid, just enough to dampen the cloth or flannel, not soak. Also, it is recommended to wait for the screen to dry completely before turning on the notebook.

If there are marks on the display, use a dry cloth to remove them. Remember to wipe the cloth gently so as not to damage the screen. To remove any lint from the edges, use a dry brush with soft bristles.

How to keep the display clean

Avoid eating in front of the PC and use accessories that protect the screen.  (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)Avoid eating in front of the PC and use accessories that protect the screen. (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

Keeping your notebook screen clean is a challenge, especially if you tend to carry your computer around. However, there are some suggestions to avoid the accumulation of dirt, as well as other problems arising from lack of cleaning.

The first tip is to clean the display frequently, at least once a week. This way, you ensure that the screen is always clean and that dirt does not accumulate. Also, use a shield, which is usually placed between the screen and keyboard. A case, while not directly protecting the display, can also prevent damage to the notebook.

Another recommendation is to avoid eating in front of the computer or using the notebook with dirty hands. These bad habits facilitate the transposition of impurities to the screen, which will need to be removed with the tips in this text.

What did you think of the tips for cleaning your notebook screen? If you have a desktop, you can read this text to get some tips on how to sanitize your computer.

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