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Switch from cell phone plan can be a complicated task: it’s normal to get lost among all the postpaid, prepaid and control options offered by operators like Of course, Hi, TIM and Live. Going to a store without prior research can cost you thousands of dollars over the year. Find out what it takes to find the most cost-effective option and see which options are preferred by readers of Tecnoblog.

Understanding your internet usage

Most current cell phone plans already include unlimited calls, so the big difference is the benefits included and the internet franchise. Checking your consumption is the starting point when comparing options.

The operator’s bill may even include the amount of gigas consumed, but the best way to measure it is using the smartphone’s data counter. That’s because many of the plans have unlimited apps that don’t appear in the operator’s franchise. The iOS and Android operating systems already display traffic for each application.

Woman using smartphone. Photo: Freephotos / Pixabay

From there, separate the most used and check if the new cell phone plan has any exclusive franchise or traffic exemption. Do not consider the zero rating can lead to great frustration and higher charges when choosing a new package.

In addition, it is important to measure the frequency of internet use: if there is any one-time use that requires more data (eg business travel), it may make more sense to hire a cheaper cell phone plan and pay for the additional package when necessary than hiring a more expensive subscription, which will be wasted most of the time.

How to check data usage on iPhone

Go in Settings and then on Cell phone. Data consumption is shown in alphabetical order:

Mobile plan data meter on iPhone

Data meter on iPhone

How to check data usage on Android

Open the menu settings, then go to Connections and then tap Use of data. It is possible to see internet consumption by application when opening the menu Use of mobile data

Samsung's Android mobile phone data meter

Samsung Android data meter

Which cell phone plan to choose?

Using cell to do research. Image: Freephotos / Pixabay

Having in hand how many internet is needed in the month, it’s time to go through the operators’ websites and check which one offers the best cost per gigabyte and check for exempt traffic for any app.

When analyzing the options, it is worth noting:

  • Does the plan offer any additional applications that may be useful, such as streaming music or video?
  • Does the operator have coverage where usage is constant?
  • What are the fees for additional data packages, to hire if the plan’s internet runs out?
  • If the plan is postpaid or control: is there a minimum stay period (loyalty)? What is the penalty in case of cancellation?

An easier option is to use Anatel’s comparator application: it concentrates most offers from the main operators and avoids a great deal of work. However, not all plans are on the platform, like Vivo Easy or TIM Beta, but it can be a great starting point:

Take advantage of promotions

The big operators usually make good promotions on some festive dates, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Consumer Day, Christmas and especially on Black Friday. It is always a good idea to change the cell phone plan at these times, because the probability of having another similar offer the following year is high.

Promotions usually involve extra internet deductibles or account discounts. In addition, some operators offer different conditions for those who opt for the invoice with digital sending or for certain types of payment, such as account debit or credit card.

TIM, for example, gives bonuses of up to 10 GB for those who pay the invoice through C6 Bank, while Claro gives a discount of R $ 10 for those who post the invoice on automatic debit.

Another important point (and that operators sometimes make a point of hiding) is that promotions for new customers also need to be valid for those who already use the service. This is a determination of article 46 of resolution 632/2014 of Anatel:

All offers, including promotional ones, must be available for hire by all interested parties, already included Consumers of the Provider, without distinction based on the date of accession or any other form of discrimination within the geographical area of ​​the offer.

Cautions when changing operator

Motorola One Fusion - chip drawer

They say that the neighbor’s grass is always greener, and this usually happens in cell phone plans: not always the best offers are at the operator. Except that the other company cannot always serve you satisfactorily. There is no point in a competitor offering twice the internet for half the price if there is no 4G coverage where you go, for example.

The first step is to check the quality of service in the most frequented places. First of all, check the coverage map published on the operator’s website, as well as the location of the antennas in Anatel’s system. Then find out if any friends, relatives and neighbors are customers of the company and collect the experience.

To be absolutely sure, the best thing to do is to buy activate a prepaid chip bought at a pharmacy, newsstand or other types of commerce. This type of plan has no loyalty or any monthly commitment, which is useful for trying out an operator. From there, make tests of speed, signal availability, quality of calls and also check the operation of the systems and attendance of the operator.

If everything is as expected, green light for portability:

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