How to change LoL language?

League of Legends is one of the most popular free games in the world, an esports phenomenon and a reference in the MOBA genre. But despite all its success, not everything in the game is simple and accessible. change the language of LoLfor example, requires a lot of setup with intermediate PC knowledge, but fear not, we’re here to help!

In the past, everything was easier, as all you had to do was open the game’s Client and make the changes on the login screen, but now you need to follow a series of steps if you want to leave your texts and voices in languages ​​such as English or Japanese. And there are good reasons to do this even if you’re not just studying other grammars!

After all, a lot has been adapted and properly localized according to the culture of each nation, so you can hear other jokes, customs and curiosities from the countries when doing this, or maybe even learn a few more things about your favorite champions. ! Understand the complete language change process in our following tutorial!

How to change the language of League of Legends

When you want to start the language change process, your login to the LoL is properly closed, as you cannot be logged in at all. So, make sure to log out by clicking on “Sign Out”, as well as completely closing the game before following these steps.

If you are in doubt whether or not you are logged in, you can open the League of Legends. If a screen appears asking for your password and username, then you can be sure you are not logged in! Now, let’s go to the step-by-step tutorial:

The folder you need to open in Windows is inside the Riot Games folderThe folder you need to open in Windows is inside the Riot Games folderSource: Reproduction / Thomas Schulze

  1. Open the root folder of LoLzinho on your computer, which can be done by right-clicking on the game’s shortcut, and then pressing “Open file location”. From there, you need to enter the “Riot Games” folder, and then the “League of Legends” folder;
  2. Your object of interest here is the “LeagueClient.exe” icon. When you find it, right-click again and then select “Send To”, then “Desktop”, which will create a new shortcut for easy access. Check out the image below for a visual reference;
  3. On your desktop, right-click on the new shortcut and then select “Properties”. Now access the “Shortcut” tab and go to the “Destination” field, which is editable. That’s where we can put any locale we want;
  4. In this field, just give ctrl + c and then ctrl +v (the good old “copy” and “paste”) in your desired code (check the list at the end of this article), taking care not to paste quotes in the process. Once the code is there (eg –locale=en_US if you’re playing in English), click “Apply” and then “Ok”.
  5. Everything you needed to do is already done, so now just open the game normally and wait for the client to download the new resource pack suitable for the desired language!

You need to create a new desktop shortcut before changing the settingsYou need to create a new desktop shortcut before changing the settingsSource: Reproduction / Thomas Schulze

All language codes from League of Legends!

Below you can check each of the languages ​​currently supported by the game. As we pointed out in the tutorial, all you need to do is copy these codes exactly as they appear in the list, and then paste the desired text into the configuration, remembering not to include the quotes, just the text between them:

  • English: “–locale=en_US”
  • Português: “–locale=pt_BR”
  • Turkish: “–locale = tr_TR”
  • German: “–locale=de_DE”
  • Spanish: “–locale=es_ES”
  • Frances: “–locale = fr_FR”
  • Italiano: “–locale=it_IT”
  • Czech: “–locale=cs_CZ”
  • Grego: “–locale=el_GR”
  • Hungarian: “–locale=hu_HU”
  • Polish: “–locale = pl_PL”
  • Romanian: “–locale = ro_RO”
  • Russian: “–locale = ru_RU”
  • Japanese: “–locale=ja_JP”
  • Korean: “–locale = ko_KR”
  • Chinese (Mandarin): “–locale=zh_CN”

Changing the language on your Mac

Although the change process is very similar to Windows, if you want to change the language on your Mac, you must first open the applications folder, and then click on League of Legends with the right mouse button. Finally, select “Show package contents”, where you need to find the “LeagueClientSetting.yaml” file.

With it in hand, press the right mouse button again and choose to open the file with the Text Editor. Go to the “Globals” line and just below you will find “Locale”. This is where you can edit and paste the same language codes mentioned above. When everything is ok, confirm and save your changes. Okay, now just play!

It is worth remembering that if you want to undo the language changes it is very simple. In the case of Mac, just redo the tutorial and paste the desired code in the text editor. On Windows, you need to delete the shortcut you created and then redo the entire procedure putting a new language and Destination for the game’s executable.

We hope this has cleared all your doubts! If you want to customize Lolzinho’s commands, also check out our guide on how to configure shortcuts in the game! What is your favorite language to play in? Which country had the best dubbing? Leave your comment below!

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