How to calculate the electricity and water bill in application

Water and electricity bills are among the main expenses of a house, and can cause a big deficit in the family budget if consumption is exaggerated. To avoid spending over the limit, a good initiative is to use the Sustainability app, which helps to estimate the invoice amounts according to the residents’ routine.

Available only for Android, at the moment, the free app brings very useful tools for those who want to lead a more sustainable life and save money. Among them, the highlight is the simulator of electricity and water bills, allowing the user to estimate how much they will pay at the end of the month for these services.

The program makes calculations based on the time of use of the electronic devices of the residence (iron, air conditioning, lamps, etc.) and the water flow from the shower, taps and washing machine, with the information being provided by the direct user. on the cellphone.

Controlling the value of accounts is essential to maintaining good financial health.Source: Freepik

Want to learn how to calculate the electricity and water bill in the app? Just check out the tutorial below.

How to calculate the electricity bill

First of all, you need to download the Sustainability app, available for free at Google Play Store. After installing it, open the program on your smartphone or tablet and follow these steps:

1. On the app’s home page, tap “Energy Consumption” to see options related to this service;

Starting the app.Starting the app.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

2. Now, press the alternative “Calculate your consumption”;

Simulating energy consumption.Simulating energy consumption.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

3. The first tab that will be shown is that of the “Stopwatch”. In it, you can enter the power of an appliance such as air conditioning, for example, to know how much energy it will spend. After entering the information, tap on “Start” and follow the consumption, pressing “Stop” when the device is finished using. The result can be saved and will be available in “History”;

Inform the power of the equipment.Inform the power of the equipment.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

4. In the “Calculator” tab, this is where we are going to estimate energy expenditures. It is necessary to enter the power of the device and the time of use for the tool to point out the approximate value;

See how much you spent on each device.See how much you spent on each device.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

5. In “Account”, you can calculate the value of the electricity bill for a month of consumption in the property. To do so, inform the start date of the count, the kilowatt value registered on the house meter (go to it and check the information) on this day and the measurement value on the day when the electric company makes the calculation. The estimated amount of the invoice will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, showing consumption in kWh and the price charged.

Estimated account value.Estimated account value.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

How to calculate the water bill

The simulation of the water bill value in Sustentabilizando is very simple to do and follows a path similar to the previous one, with the difference that you will inform the data regarding the water consumption of the house. Look:

1. On the app’s home screen, choose the “Water Consumption” option;

Now, it's time to calculate the water bill.Now, it’s time to calculate the water bill.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

2. Select the type of activity for which you want to estimate consumption. In this example, we choose the tap;

You can also calculate the costs for bathing and brushing your teeth.You can also calculate the costs for bathing and brushing your teeth.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

3. In “Stopwatch”, tap the “Start” button as soon as you turn on the tap, and when you finish using it, press “Stop”. Doing this, the app will inform how much water was consumed in that period and the estimated cost for such use, remembering that the data can be saved in the history;

Time the water usage time.Time the water usage time.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

4. If for some reason you are unable to make the measurement while using the water, just go to the “Calculator” tab and inform the time spent for a certain activity, such as the time the tap was open during the washing of the dishes . Doing this, the tool will show the amount of water consumed and the amount spent;

Use the numbers on the screen to enter the information.Use the numbers on the screen to enter the information.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

5. Finally, we have the option “Account”. Here, the user will need to go to the hydrometer on the measurement start date and on the day the municipal water company goes to the residence to check the equipment data, to collect the information shown on the device these days. In this way, it will be possible to estimate the approximate value of the account.

Do the calculations and try to save on the water bill.Do the calculations and try to save on the water bill.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

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