how to benefit from a powerful spell checker on your mobile

If you need to correct a document, an email or any type of text, the solution is obvious: Antidote. While Antidote is known for its software for Windows, Linux and Mac, it is also possible to use its services on smartphones and tablets. And whether you have an Android or iOS device, there is a solution for both systems. One is called Antidote Mobile (for iPhone), and the other Antidote Web (for Android and a multitude of systems).

Antidote on iPhone …

Antidote is available on iPhone and iPad. Baptized Antidote Mobile, this application benefits from reference tools similar to those ofAntidote 10 (dictionaries and guides). The application, which is already in its 4th version, can be bilingual depending on the formula chosen and allows you to benefit from more 2.6 million translations. And because it’s an app, Antidote Mobile doesn’t need an internet connection.

But the power of Antidote Mobile does not stop there, since the application has more than 125,000 entries. The application is rich, very rich, and has dictionaries of synonyms, antonyms, co-occurrences, citations or even lexical fields. In short, Antidote Mobile offers you to easily enrich all your writing.

IPhone Antidote

Antidote Mobile also offers “guides” (875 in number), which allow you to progress in grammar, style, typography, and even to know everything about the famous corrections dating from 1990. A true encyclopedia, the application also offers more of 16,000 satellite images of cities, countries and regions around the world and gives you access to Wikipedia articles (provided you are logged in, of course).

Another advantage of Antidote Mobile: the application is bilingual. Dictionaries and guides are available in both English and French, and Antidote Mobile can be used as a bilingual dictionary. The application offers more than 2.6 million translations, whether they are simple terms, proverbs or phrases.

IPhone Antidote

On the user interface side, the app supports dark mode and fully integrates with iOS. This version of Antidote has 14 shortcuts for calling Siri. Finally, as a bonus and if you have Antidote +, Android Mobile allows you to synchronize your favorites with Antidote 10 and Antidote Web.

… Or Antidote on Android

Recently, it has also been possible to take advantage of Antidote’s services on your Android smartphone or tablet. For this, it is advisable to call on Antidote Web. An internet connection is therefore essential, but in return, there is nothing to install. The online service offers the same functionalities as Antidote 10, namely a proofreader, dictionaries and guides. In short, between the web version and the desktop version, there are very few changes.

The Antidote Web interface allows you to correct your document by entering your text directly into the browser, or by copying and pasting it from another application. Apart from grammar and spelling mistakes, the service also allows you to analyze your writing style and highlight repetitions, clumsy turns, readability issues and even inclusiveness “oversights”. The online service is also available in both French and English (American or Canadian).

Android Antidote

Antidote Web is not limited to only Android users and can be used from any PC, smartphone, Chromebook, as long as it has a connection and a compatible browser.

How do I access Antidote Web from my mobile or tablet?

Antidote Web can be accessed at The service is compatible with any browser installed on your smartphone, whether it is Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc. Once connected to the address mentioned above, simply enter your Druid ID (your email address, most often), as well as your password. It is also possible to connect to the service via a Google, Facebook, Office or Apple account.

After logging into the Antidote online service, all you need to do is enter your text directly into the browser, just as you would using your favorite word processor. You can also copy and paste from another application. We therefore benefit from a powerful spell checker, capable of detecting in a quarter of a second all the errors contained in a text, however long it may be. Antidote’s great strengths lie in its speed of execution on the one hand, and its impressive correction quality on the other.

Android Antidote

Apart from its powerful spell-checking and analysis tool, Antidote Web offers a multitude of services within a single interface: dictionaries of synonyms, antonyms, co-occurrences, lexical field, history… Antidote Web can do absolutely everything, whether in English or in French. Several hundred guides also complete the offer, guides which aim to improve themselves in style, syntax or grammar.

The service offers you all the possible settings: signaling of ambiguities, exclusions of tags, regional words or senses, alerts on English words, lexical confusion (homophones, paronyms …), these are some of the very many functions that you can activate or deactivate in the Antidote Web interface. In short, even if it is an online service, Antidote Web offers options as numerous and comprehensive as the software for computers or the application for iOS.

Finally, note that the online service is accessible from any type of device equipped with a browser. You can easily call Antidote Web from an iPhone, a Mac or a PC. This will save you from having to install the software on a computer that is occasionally loaned to you.

What is the price of Antidote Mobile or Antidote Web?

Antidote Mobile (for iPhone and iPad) and Antidote Web (for Android) can be acquired within the offer Antidote + Staff at the price of 59 € / year, or 4.92 € / month. Thanks to Antidote +, you get not only Antidote Mobile and Antidote Web, but also Antidote 10 for Windows, macOS or Linux.

For € 99 / year, or € 8.25 / month, the Antidote + Family offer offers 5 users from the same family to install Antidote 10, Antidote Mobile and connect to the Antidote Web online service.

Moreover, if Antidote Web is integrated into the Antidote + offer, the service can also be purchased on its own. To do this, you should opt for a multi-user license (minimum 5 users).

Finally, if you want to take advantage of the support fora second language, it all depends on the Antidote plan to which you have subscribed. If you have an Antidote + subscription, you can opt for a subscription at 30 € / year. In the event that you have opted for the final version of Antidote 10, count 59 € for the English or French module.

Where to download Antidote 10?

To buy and download Antidote 10 in its final version or in its subscription plan, click on one of the following two buttons:

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