how to be alerted to pre-order it?

A victim of its own success, it only took a few hours for the PlayStation 5, Sony’s new next-generation console, to be out of stock on the side of all the online brands that offered it for pre-order in France. If some were able to acquire the Holy Grail in due time, others are always on the lookout for a return in stock. For the latter, we explain how to be notified so as not to miss the return to the pre-order of the coveted console.

How to be alerted if the PS5 is back in stock?

Pre-orders for the PS5 opened on September 17, 2020. Victim of its success, the console quickly ran out of stock. If you are one of the early fans who missed the first salvo, you can prevent the problem from happening again.

Create a PS5 stock alert

Many merchant sites that offer the PS5 for pre-order have a “stock alert” allowing their potential customers to be alerted in the event of new availability of the console. Even if the principle varies somewhat from one site to another, the handling remains very similar.

On : the e-commerce giant makes it possible to receive an availability alert. In order to be able to subscribe to the alert, you must first be connected to your customer account. When a reference is no longer in stock, you can see in a box on the right side of the product sheet entitled “Currently unavailablee ”followed by the question:“Would you like to receive an email when this item becomes available ?“. To be notified, click on “Send me an e-mail“.

On : Darty also offers this service. Unlike Amazon, you don’t have no need to be logged into your Darty account in order to activate it. On the sold out product page, you will see the words “PRODUCT UNAVAILABLE“, Under which the following message“Notify me when this product is available”With a field to enter your e-mail address. Enter your email address and click on the “OK” button. You will receive an email confirming your subscription to this alert. A notification will then be sent to you by email as soon as the product is back on sale on

On : On the site, it’s just as easy, provided you know where the option is and be connected to your customer account. No written mention to guide you, but a bell icon. It is located to the right of the product illustration. Once you click on the bell, a pop-up window will open with the following message: “Receive an alert – Subscribe to this product to be alerted before anyone else of a price drop, an exceptional promo, or its availability in stock… ”logically followed by a button“Alert me”Which you have to click. The message “Added to my alerts” confirms your registration.

On : On the specialized video games site Micromania, the procedure is identical to those described previously, no need to be logged into your account. Click on “Create an alert”And enter your email address in the window that opens.

Overuse the F5 key

Unfortunately not all the sites offer a way to be alerted in the event of a return to stock of the PS5, like Auchan, Boulanger and Cdiscount. The only solution in this case is to refresh the web page manually by regularly using the F5 key. Replenishments can take place at any time and stocks are virtually guaranteed to run out within minutes of going live.

Take a few minutes each day to browse the websites of traders. Hopefully you will be able to pre-order the PS5, provided that Sony replenishes distributor inventory. Otherwise, you may need to visit a store to purchase the console on launch day, November 19, 2020.

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