how to backup and restore your SMS

There are really very practical applications that allow you to back up your SMS and then restore them in the event of a reset of your phone or in the event of a change of device. Convenient to transfer your old SMS to a new smartphone. Let’s see how to use them.

Many Android users have once asked themselves the question of how to backup their SMS and how to restore them. This is the case, for example, when you change your smartphone or when you have to reset in the event of a problem. Well, know that there is nothing simpler and that you just need to download one of the most famous applications from Andoid: SMS Backup & Restore.

This app is both easy to use and free. A paid version at € 3.95 exists, but that’s just to remove the ads, all the features remaining accessible on the free version. The paid application is mainly there to support the developer.

Before starting this tutorial, you need to download the app from the Google Play Store:


How to backup your SMS with SMS Backup & Restore?

Once you’ve launched the app, just tap “Save”. We warned you that it was as easy as pie!

save restore sms
  • After pressing Save, you will have several options, either save to the phone memory, or to the external memory card if you have one. We advise you to make the backup to the SD card, as it will be easier to transfer it to your new phone.
  • Note that more recent versions of the application also offer to create a backup on different online storage services, in particular Google drive (associated with your Google account), the very popular Dropbox or Onedrive from Microsoft.
  • Then you have other options available to you. One of the novelties is to be able to save your call log. You will be able to choose a name (the basic one is the date with the time quite simply), you can also choose to save your MMS as well as the emojis sent, but the saving will be heavier. You can choose to save all conversations or only some.
  • Finally you can choose to upload or not the backup, to upload it you will need the Add-On mentioned at the beginning. Note that messages in RCS (Rich Communication Services) format cannot yet be saved.
  • Once this is done, you can start the backup, it will be longer or shorter depending on the number of SMS. After finishing the backup, you will get a message for see if everything went well.

How to restore SMS with SMS Backup & Restore?

Saving your SMS is good, restoring them is better. Especially when you have to reset or change your smartphone. You should know that the SMS backup file is located in / sdcard / SMSBackupRestore, once you have recovered the file, open the application and do “Restore”. If your backup archive has been uploaded to a remote storage service, all you have to do is choose the latter from the recovery options and select your backup in the same way.

save restore sms
  • From there, the app offers you the most recent backups. It is also possible togo get the backup yourself you want or take the one that was uploaded.
  • Once you have selected the backup, you can choose to restore the MMS or not, and restore the entire backup or only from a specific date.
  • Attention since Android 4.4 the application needs to be the default SMS application, you just need to press yes, and once the restoration is complete you can change the default SMS application again.
  • Now the restoration starts. She will much longer than the backup, especially if you have several thousand SMS. Sometimes it can take several tens of minutes, so be patient. As with the backup, you will have a pop-up to warn you that it’s over and see if everything went well.

How to backup and restore SMS with Google Drive

Another interesting and completely free solution: rely on Google Drive. As you probably know, it is possible to make a backup of an Android smartphone and place it on Google Drive. This backup includes your system settings, but also some personal data, such as text messages, contacts, call history and data from installed applications. Here we will explain how to back up and restore a backup.

  • First, the backup. First, make sure your smartphone is signed in to your Google account. For that, Appointment in “Settings“, Then“Account“. Your Google account must be there.
  • If it’s not the case, pat sure Add an account at the bottom of the screen, follow the instructions, and make sure sync is on.
  • Once you are assured that your Google account is present on the mobile, stick to the Settings and enter in the search engine “Save“. You arrive on a menu that offers you to save important information from your phone to your Google Drive account.
  • Here you will find your account (you can change accounts if you have more than one) and a button to perform a manual backup. If the synchronization option is checked, the backup is automatic (and incremental).
  • By tapping on the time of the last backup, you can check what data is saved (application data, SMS, settings, history and contacts). Backing up photos is through Google Photos only. You can activate this option from the backup menu.
  • The next step is the restoration. If you reset your smartphone or change your phone, you can find your text messages, your call log and your contacts thanks to the previously made backup.
  • During the initialization of the phone (first initialization or following a reset), Android will suggest to you connect to your google account. Just do it.
  • Please note, if you have several Google accounts, you must choose the one associated with the Google Drive account where your data has been saved.
  • In a next step, Android will offer you to restore a backup made on Google Drive. Choose the most recent if you have more than one. Let the smartphone run. You find SMS, contacts and all other data.

How to restore text messages to a Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei and Samsung smartphone

It is also possible to use solutions from manufacturers here are some of them:

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