How to activate Siri, Google and Alexa search wizards

Playing music, making calls, reading news, informing the weather forecast, plotting routes, searching for recipes, sending messages and scheduling appointments are just some of the functions performed by voice assistants, bringing a lot of practicality to our routine.

Present in cell phones, smart displays, speakers, computers and other devices, virtual assistants work through voice commands, just saying the desired task for them to take action and get the job done.

Currently, we have several options for personal assistants, such as Cortana that works on Windows 10 and Bixby on Samsung gadgets. However, the most popular are Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, found on most smartphones and other compatible devices.

Have you called Google Assistant today?Have you called Google Assistant today?Source: Google / Disclosure

Typically, they are turned on by default, but if you still haven’t been able to use them for any reason, follow the tips below to activate them on your phone.

How to activate Siri

One of the oldest search assistants, Siri was born as an app for BlackBerry and Android, but after being purchased by Apple in 2010 it became an exclusive tool for Apple.

She debuted on the iPhone 4S in 2011 and has since been known for being a humorous virtual assistant, being able to perform tasks such as opening apps, identifying songs, activating alarms, sending messages and more.

Hi crab? If there is no answer, check if it is activated, in the Hi crab? If there is no answer, check if it is activated, in the “Settings” menu.Source: Apple / Disclosure

By default, it is enabled on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, etc.), just say the phrase “Hey Siri”, followed by the desired request. If you want to check the temperature of the day, for example, say: “What’s up Siri, how is the weather today?”.

On iPhone X and later models, Siri can also be activated by pressing the side button and saying what you need. Depending on the model of the cell phone or device, you may also need to press the Home button or the voice command button found in car multimedia systems and the Apple TV control.

How to activate the Google Assistant

Launched in 2016, Google’s voice assistant is an evolution of the old Google Now and can be used on Android smartphones, iPhone, smart TVs, tablets and PCs. The tool allows you to perform searches, schedule events, discover restaurants, run tracks musical and many other tasks.

It is activated by default on phones with the Google operating system, just hold the Home button and say “Ok, Google”. Then, the device will show the message “Hello, how can I help?” On the screen, indicating that the wizard is ready to be used. Some models, such as the LG K40S, have a button dedicated to the tool.

Featured Featured “Explore” icon to set up the Google Assistant.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

But if for some reason the device doesn’t have Google Assistant enabled, follow the tips below to turn it on:

  • Touch and hold the Home button;
  • Press the “Explore” icon, in the lower right corner;
  • Then, touch your profile photo, in the upper right corner, go to “Settings” and then “Assistant”;
  • Now, press “Assistant” and select your device in “Devices with Assistant”;
  • Then activate Google Assistant and “Ok, Google” detection, with the option to record your voice;
  • When the process is finished, hold the Home button and say “Ok, Google”.

To use Google Assistant on the iPhone, you need to install the tool’s app on your phone and add a shortcut to it in Siri’s settings.

How to activate Alexa

Increasingly personalized, Amazon’s virtual assistant has also gained a prominent role in the market, with its ability to perform numerous tasks, from researching information to asking for an Uber, to turning on the light, locking doors and turning on the air- conditioning in a smart home.

On Amazon devices, such as gadgets from the Echo line, just say “Alexa” and what you want to do to activate it (“Alexa, wake me up at 7 am”, for example, to trigger the alarm).

Alexa performs numerous functions.Alexa performs numerous functions.Source: App Store / Reproduction

To use it on your phone or tablet, you must download the Alexa app, which works on Android and iOS, to activate it from the app itself. She is also on Amazon’s music streaming, allowing her to use the platform without touching the device’s screen.

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