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O top card is an initiative of the Government of SP to replace the old Bom in the payment of metropolitan buses and in the Metro and CPTM lines. In addition, it can also be used in debit and credit function. Stay with me to find out more about him.

Promotion of the Top card in São Paulo (image: Facebook/Top)

transport card

The Top card is divided into 5 categories:

  • Ordinary: rechargeable option available to any citizen using the metropolitan region’s transport system;
  • School: intended for students and teachers registered by the school on the EMTU Portal and entitled to half-rate or free pass;
  • Senior: benefit granted to citizens aged 65 or over;
  • Transport: reserved for employees who receive transportation vouchers from their employers;
  • Spicel: category that guarantees exemption from paying a fee to people with physical disabilities in accordance with current regulatory standards.

As I said, it was created to serve passengers on all EMTU (Metropolitan Urban Transport Company), Metro and CTPM lines. Like Bom, it also offers a R$1.50 discount on integration.

Regarding recharging, nothing changes. That is, if you use Top Common, you must put credits to use it. In the case of Transport, for example, the company itself is responsible for depositing the amount on the card. Senior, Special and School (if free pass) do not need credit to work.

Digital account, debit and credit

When requesting the Top, the user can also choose to create a digital account — only available to people over 18 years of age — and use the card in the debit and credit (Mastercard flag).

Those who opt for the account have access to payment slips, bank transfers (including Pix); mobile recharge and single ticket; and even the investment option with a yield of 80% of the CDI. The minimum amount is BRL 30.00 per month and can be redeemed after 90 days.

The account does not have a maintenance fee, however, there are some services charged such as withdrawals from the Banco24Horas network, transfers via DOC or TED and issuance of a bank slip for depositing into the account.

Whoever includes the credit, will pay an annual fee of 12 times of R$ 16.90 — remembering that this function will only be added to the card after an analysis.

How to apply for the card online

To order the Top card online, the user must first download the app (available on the Play Store and App Store). After that, just follow the steps below:

  1. Start your registration
    Open the app, click “register” and then “See terms“; if you want the Top without the digital account, click on the box “I want a transport only card” present in the middle of the document; if you want to open the account and have access to the debit and credit function, leave the checkbox empty; then just click on “I accept, continue”;How to register the Top Card
  2. Confirm your personal data
    Enter information such as CPF, full name, date of birth and cell phone in the message field; then just confirm the verification codes sent to your email and phone;Top card chat
  3. Create an access password
    Set a password to access the application — it must be at least 8 characters long, with 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number;Top card password requirements
  4. Choose card type
    On the app home page, click on “Card” at the bottom of the screen; then drag the screen and tap “I want this” below the chosen modality;How to choose the Top card
  5. Choose how you prefer to have the Top in hand
    Click in “Pick up in Pernambuco” for face-to-face service at a partner store, free of charge, or in “receive at home” — in this case, a fee of R$ 22.30 will be charged;Top card receipt method
  6. Confirm your request
    Click in “confirm receipt” and on the next page under “Apply for“; follow the instructions on the page and pay the delivery at the end of the process. Request Top card
Does the Top replace the Single Ticket in the city of São Paulo?

No! For now, Top is not accepted as a payment method on municipal lines.

Good credit goes to Top?

No! The Government of SP gave until March 31, 2022 for the Bom credits to be used. After the deadline, the value is no longer valid.

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