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A Facily is a social commerce based group shopping platform where you can gather friends to buy something together or find different items and join other people who are also looking for the same product as yours. With this model, the app, which is available for Android and iOS, promises cheaper prices. Check out everything about Facily below.

The Facily app allows group purchases (Image: Disclosure / Facily)

According to Facily, prices are reduced and there is no freight charge, as the product does not go directly to you, but will be delivered to a nearby registered pick-up point. You can find the closest Facily points by selecting the option “Select a Facily point”.

How does group shopping on Facily work?

Facily’s group purchases are divided into two categories: Buy Together or Super Group. I’ll show you the differences between each one, which are basically related to the number of participants and the time of payment.

  • Shop Together: Groups in this category need two to three people to close. Only after payment, your participation in the group will be confirmed and it will have up to two days to complete and the purchase to be shipped. To use this category, choose any product in the Facily app and go to the option “Join a group and choose a group to join”. Choose the pick-up point and wait for the group to close;
  • super group: in this one, the number of participants is between four and six people and if this limit is not reached, the order will be cancelled; To participate, it is necessary to choose products with the “Super Group” seal. Go to the option “Join a group and choose a group to join” and select the most convenient pick-up point. Now, just wait for the group to close.

It is worth remembering that in both cases it is possible to create your own group by selecting the option “Create group” in the footer of the app.

How does product recall work?

It is possible to pick up the products at several points (Image: Rosebox / Unsplash)

The Facily point is a castrated partner that provides a space to store the customer’s order until it is picked up. You can become a Facily point yourself, as I’ll show you next.

When receiving the information about the order delivered, go to the Facily point with your order number, a mobile phone with the Facily app to read the QR Code and a photo ID. If you wish, a third party can withdraw the order, as long as you have the purchase number and a copy of your identification document.

Delivery times vary depending on the type of product, as you can see below:

  • Perishable products: for meats, cold cuts, vegetables, fruits or others, the deadline is 24 hours from the receipt of the “Ready for withdrawal” notification;
  • Non-perishable products: the deadline is seven days from the receipt of the “Ready for withdrawal” notification;

If you do not pick up the Products at the Facily Point within the periods indicated above, they will be returned to the Facily distribution center and the amounts refunded through a refund request.

How do I become an Facily Pickup Point?

You can also partner with Facily and act as a pick-up point for customers to pick up your products. It is necessary to fulfill some basic requirements:

  • Have an adequate place for storing orders, with ample space, good lighting and the ability to provide a good reception to customers;
  • It is mandatory to have a smartphone with the Ponto Facily app;
  • Availability to be online at least five days a week is required, and on those days, to be online for at least eight hours;
  • Apartments and condominiums no are allowed as Facily partners;

If you meet these points, you can register on the application by selecting the option “Be a point Facily”, fill in your personal and location data and wait. The analysis is completed within 15 calendar days and confirmation arrives in the registered email.

Remuneration is made weekly, every Wednesday, via bank transfer. The values ​​are:

  • For orders up to R$ 20.00, 5% of the order value;
  • For orders over BRL 20.00, the partner will receive a fixed amount of BRL 1.00 per order;

Can I sell on Easy?

You can also sell products on Facily (Image: Bench/Unsplash)

Yes. To become a Facily partner seller, you must register on the Facily seller website. It is not necessary to have experience with online sales or even to have a CNPJ. It is possible to become a seller with the CPF, by attaching a declaration of content.

Sellers pay a 10% commission for each order sold or a minimum commission if this amount does not reach the required threshold as below:

  • Products in general: minimum commission of BRL 2.40 per order.
  • Non-perishable food: minimum commission of R$ 1.00 per order.
  • Frozen and refrigerated foods: minimum commission of R$ 1.00 per order.
  • Hortifruti (fruits, vegetables, greens): minimum commission of R$ 1.00 per order.

It is important to note that the seller will be responsible for transporting the products already packed and labeled to the Facily distribution center and the recommended deadline is 48 hours after confirmation of purchase.

Packaging is also the seller’s responsibility, as Facily says:

The product must be packed in a rigid cardboard box, bag or resistant plastic envelope (which is not transparent) and sealed with adhesive tape. The Invoice or declaration of contents must be affixed to the outside of the package, in a visible way. We recommend placing the document inside a clear plastic envelope and securing it to the package with tape.

Further details can be found in the Facily terms and conditions link.

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