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A few years ago, one of the main dates for Brazilian retail is that of sexta-feira Negra, when several stores offer large promotions real in your products (that’s what you expect). In 2020, the event will take place on November 27th. We have listed some tips on what to do to not be scammed and really find good deals to buy cheap.

Black Friday (Image: Markus Spiske / Unsplash)

Black Friday (Image: Markus Spiske / Unsplash)

1. Avoid these stores

The first tip is very important: do not buy in stores listed by Procon-RJ who had registered complaints and did not respond (or were not found), which may indicate a scam.

In the post, we list stores that are still in operation. However, even those who have already left the air can return at any time, especially during the time of Black Friday.

To make it easier, use the command CTRL + F in the list of non-recommended sites and enter the address of the store you found, to check if it has already received a red alert from Procon.

2. Be wary of low prices or unfamiliar stores

It seems silly to talk, but it is good to pay attention. If the promotion is priced far below normal, it is good to be suspicious – be it due to a store error or bad faith. For example, if a 64 GB iPhone 11, which has a suggested price of R $ 4,999, is priced at R $ 3,500, it is good to redouble your attention (you can hardly buy it at this price even importing from the United States).

iPhone 11 (Photo: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

iPhone 11 (Photo: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

When in doubt, it may be worth calling the store’s Customer Service to confirm the amount and clear your doubts. If you can’t easily find the company’s contact information or CNPJ, it’s another reason to get a flea behind your ear.

3. Check the store’s reputation

As important as it is to avoid unknown stores, sometimes you’ve never seen the store before, but it acts in good faith. Or even well-known stores have high complaint rates and should be avoided for less headaches.

Thus, another very important tip is to check the reputation of the store on sites like or Just enter the name of the establishment in the search field and search. You can see the percentage of requests answered, index of solution, satisfaction, average response time and several other important information.

4. Use the Price Watch

Price Watch (Image: Reproduction / Price Watch)

Price Watch (Image: Reproduction / Price Watch)

The Price Watch extension is the old Purchasing Assistant Tecnoblog for Google Chrome, check if the product has been cheaper in other periods – useful for not paying half the double. The tool also compares prices, cashbacks and freight with other websites, to inform if the product can be found at a lower price in the neighboring store.

In addition to the extension, which helps at the time of purchase, it is possible to search the Vigia website and see the list of offers for the desired product.

Price Watch (Image: Reproduction / Price Watch)

Price Watch (Image: Reproduction / Price Watch)

5. Compare the product price

It is important to realize that a good discount at one store may not mean that the product is cheaper than elsewhere. So, visit different websites and compare the price of the items to see where it is worth buying. Also simulate the total value of the product + shipping, sometimes this is the catch.

Tip: the extension mentioned in the previous topic does that hard work for you. 😉

6. Check the conditions of the right of repentance

According to art. 49 of the Consumer Protection Code (CDC), the consumer has 7 calendar days to regret what he bought over the internet or by phone, from the date of receipt of the product. The amount of what was paid for the purchase is fully refunded.

However, some stores make return conditions difficult; some specify that the product cannot even be opened, for example. Therefore, check the conditions that are given in the right of repentance to avoid headaches.

7. Be careful when shopping on public networks

It’s a more general tip, but it also applies to Black Friday: be careful when shopping on public networks, since you need to enter sensitive information in the browser, such as credit card data, and this information can be intercepted by someone with a technical knowledge on the subject.

Always prefer to make the purchase on a private network, protected by password and from someone whose source is reliable. If you’re in a place other than your home, consider using a VPN to protect your data.

8. Check if the website is secure?

There is no point in using a VPN if, on the other hand, the website you are browsing or intend to make a purchase on is not protected. Especially when there are several leaks from technology companies, fintechs and even telephone operators. Security never hurts.

If even large companies, with dedicated professionals to take care of infrastructure and security, have gaps and suffer leaks, what can be said about small sites? Unfortunately, in this case the user cannot take any action other than avoiding the store.

So, make sure that the site you found a product on is safe, to avoid scams or the exposure of your data in the future.

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