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Conditions have improved for connected travelers: Of course, Hi, TIM and Live created several cellular plans that allow the use of international roaming as if they were in Brazil, or sell specific packages for use abroad. Understand how the service works and see what are the options offered by Brazilian operators.

What is international roaming?

International roaming is a service offered by operators around the world to allow their customers to use their cell phones outside their country of origin. The charges for use abroad occur after the trip, on the invoice of the Brazilian plan.

For a cell phone in Brazil to receive signal and work in another country, it is necessary that the Brazilian operator and that of the visited country have an interconnection agreement. That is why some destinations are not covered by all companies.

Is it worth buying a chip from a local operator?

The truth is that it may be worthwhile to go to an operator’s store in the country visited and sign a plan for tourists. All international roaming benefits provided by Brazilian companies are directed to postpaid and leave out the control or prepaid category.

Control or prepaid plans in Brazil even have the international roaming service available by the operators, but the rates are prohibitive: internet traffic is charged per megabyte and calls made and received cost a fortune.

Therefore, buying a chip with 4G internet package at the destination may be the best option for those in this category. The wiki Prepaid Data SIM Card is an excellent source for tourist plans, with information from almost every country in the world.

SIM Card drawer on Motorola smartphone

If you have an eSIM-compatible smartphone, you can purchase a plan from your smartphone:

  • For the United States, users of iPhone XR or higher can opt for T-Mobile that have the T-Mobile Prepaid eSIM app. Verizon also allows you to purchase a prepaid plan on My Verizon
  • There are virtual operators focused on tourists who sell data packages for eSIM, such as GigSky, Truphone, Ubigi, Webbing, among others.

Claro has Americas, Europe and World Passports

Claro has an additional for postpaid that allows use of the Brazilian plan abroad. The charge is annual and paid in installments in 12x, that is, it is not possible to activate a Passport only for the specific period of the trip.

Package Roof Value
Americas Passport 18 countries in the Americas R $ 9.90 per month (R $ 118.80 per year)
Included in all Claro Pós plans of the most recent portfolio
Europe Passport 48 countries in Europe R $ 19.90 per month (R $ 238.80 per year)
World Passport 80 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania R $ 29.90 per month (R $ 358.80 per year)
Included in Claro’s most expensive post

Being in a country covered, it is possible to make unlimited calls to Brazil and the destination visited, in addition to using the data package of the plan itself. In destinations not covered by passports, roaming can be expensive: there is a charge between R $ 29.90 to R $ 79.90 for a franchise of megabytes to use on the day, and it is better to buy a chip with a local cell phone plan .

An important detail is that eventual internet bonuses from the Brazilian plan are not valid abroad, not even the use released to social networks and exclusive franchise for streaming videos.

Oi has 10 GB to use in the USA in post plan

Oi’s only option that includes use abroad is Oi Mais Top. The plan has 10 GB to use in the United States – and that’s it. Calls are charged separately (US $ 1.94 per minute), and use in other countries requires contracting a data package, marketed from R $ 59.90.

An important highlight is that Oi does not have international roaming in control or prepaid, which makes it impossible to even receive SMS for two-step authentication.

TIM Black have international roaming to the Americas and Europe

TIM Black Family and some individual TIM Black options include internet franchise for international roaming. It is possible to have up to 1 GB to use per day to use in 18 countries in the Americas. Those who pay the invoice with C6 Bank are also entitled to use the service in Europe at no extra cost, depending on the package.

Like Oi, TIM’s plans do not include voice calls or SMS while roaming, that is, you will continue to pay the one-off fee to make and receive traditional calls. In the United States, for example, the minute costs R $ 2.49 (both to call and to receive) and the SMS sent costs R $ 0.89.

Vivo has roaming rates in Post, Selfie, Family

Vivo includes Vivo Travel international roaming in several of its plans, such as Vivo Selfie, Vivo Família and Vivo Pós Individual. Each plan has coverage for specific continents.

Vivo Travel rates entitle you to an internet franchise that can reach up to 1 GB per day (see data package for each country), unlimited incoming calls, 50 minutes on calls made to Brazil or the place visited and SMS make yourself comfortable.

An honorable mention is worth here for the Vivo Easy: digital plan users pay R $ 0.10 per megabyte, minute of call or SMS sent. You must buy international roaming credits in advance using the Vivo Easy app, and you must have consumed at least R $ 70 to activate the service. It can be a great option for those who do not need a generous data package while traveling abroad.

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