How I Was Before You: see 15 movie trivia

Based on the homonymous book by Jojo Moyes, how I was before you was released in 2016 and was directed by Thea Sharrock. In the plot, Louisa Clark (Emily Clarke) is hired to care for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a young man who survived a tragic accident and suffers from depression. As the characters get closer, a relationship of trust, friendship and love blossoms between them.

Filled with sequences that remain in the memory of fans, the novel has numerous curiosities. TecMundo has separated some of them for you to know. Check out the list below.

1. Jojo Moyes and his books

The writer published her first book in 2002, after years dedicated to journalism. At the time, after having three of his manuscripts rejected by various publishers, he thought about giving up his career if the fourth project was not accepted.

2. Thea Sharrock and her projects

Thea Sharrok, director of the adaptation of Moyes’ book, has a short career in the audiovisual sector, as she has dedicated a good part of her life to theatre. She was even responsible for the latest version of the play Equus, starring Daniel Radcliffe.

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3. The choice of the director

The decision to choose the project’s director was left to the producers, as Moyes couldn’t think of anyone. Sharrock pleased the novelist greatly and made the crew and cast very comfortable in all of the drama sequences.

4. Louisa was the hardest character to cast

One of the biggest concerns of the team was the characterization of Louisa, so casting an actress who lived up to expectations was a big challenge. For this reason, around 300 professionals in the field auditioned to play the beloved protagonist on the small screen, a role that ended up with Emilia Clarke.

5. Real life inspiration

According to Moyes, the inspirations for composing the novel came from news in newspapers and from family members who needed daily care. In some interviews, the writer assured that, by seeing situations like that up close, it was easier to understand how the characters could act in the narrative.

6. How was the cast chosen?

In addition to Clarke and Claflin, the cast includes Matthew Lewis, Charles Dance, Janet McTeer, Jenna Coleman and Samantha Spiro. Sharrock and Moyes worked together in the casting process, always talking about every detail of the production.

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7. Other Cast Productions

A curiosity is that several cast members had already participated in major film or television franchises, such as Harry Potter (Lewis), Game of Thrones (Clarke and Dance), Hunger Games (Claflin) e Doctor Who (Coleman).

8. Female Production Team

In addition to the director, other women were in charge of some important departments for the film. Moyes signed the script, Sue Baden-Powell, Karen Rosenfelt and Alison Owen worked on the production team, and Jill Taylor served as costume designer.

9. Louisa’s costumes

One of the fundamental aspects of the narrative of how I was before you it is directly linked to Louisa’s clothing, and Taylor went to great lengths to transpose what was in the book to the screen. To develop the costume, the professional searched for parts in second-hand and department stores and took out loans.

10. Characters and stories cut for the movie

Some plots and characters needed to be cut so that only the essentials of the book were present in the film, without the narrative losing its charm. Certain scenarios were also adapted so that the production budget was not overrun. This is the case of Will and Louisa’s trip to Mauritius, which was relocated to another location.

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11. Deleted scenes

Despite this, many things remained in the final version of the script and were even filmed, such as a specific plot involving Stephen Traynor (Dance), but which ended up being deleted because it didn’t fit much into the narrative.

12. A sequence was considered

Moyes has written other books on Louisa’s story, and a sequel was considered by the production team. However, no concrete details on this matter have been released after 5 years of release.

13. The message of the book

According to Moyes, the story planned for the book, and consequently for the film, addresses a message of not being judgmental, as we can often be positively surprised in many ways.

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14. Controversies

Despite this message, the film received numerous reviews from people with disabilities and activists. Some comments highlight that the feature film treats the issue with punitiveness and as if those in these conditions always wanted to die.

15. Fidelity to the original work

For the film to be made, Moyes worked with the screenwriter to make the adaptation faithful to the original work. In an interview with BuzzFeed, the writer said that she would have been devastated if she couldn’t participate in the film’s creative process.

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