How I Met Your Mother: Ted’s 10 best matches in the romantic series

We know that the character Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), the narrator of How I Met Your Mother, spent many, many years looking for the right person to complete his heart. Despite having some personality deviations and being toxic at times, he is an incurable romantic.

Throughout its trajectory in the series, the public watches several casinhos and courtships that are being developed. In this list, therefore, check out the ten best matches that the character has had over the nine seasons.

10. Carly

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The aspiring hipster Carly (Ashley Benson) was very interested in things that weren’t so fashionable, but that were supposed to be cool at the same time (she was a Star Wars fan, after all).

She arrives on the show to show Ted that he would no longer be able to date girls so young, in their twenties, since they didn’t have many things in common. Even if briefly, it was a very interesting match to see on the screen and one that brought learning.

9. Karen

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Karen (Laura Prepon) is perhaps the most hated of all Ted Mosby’s ex-girlfriends, both by fans and by her friends. This is justified by her snobbish and contemptuous way, in addition to the fact that she ignored loved ones most of the time. Along with that, she also had quite pretentious tastes, being a toxic reference for Ted. However, as Ted also has a pretentious side, the relationship even worked at times.

8. Stella

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Despite appearing to be many things on the surface, Stella (Sarah Chalke) was a big disappointment for Ted, as she abandoned him for his old love. However, until this was revealed, she proved to be an excellent companion, who was quite fun and captivating, becoming a point of identification for many.

7. Royce

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Royce (Judy Greer) came into Ted’s life when he was not very well emotionally and questioned a lot about himself. In this context, the character managed to transform him in a good way. But his personality also contained many insecurities, in addition to questionable addictions, which later turns out to be a big problem for Ted.

6. Zoey

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Played by Jennifer Morrison, the captivating Zoey was a little confused and indecisive. Still, she and Ted Mosby had great compatibility, loving the same things and seeing the world in a similar way in many ways. As things went on, however, he was smart to realize that the two would not be able to live a decent future together and ended up parting in a friendly way.

5. Blah Blah

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The character Blah Blah (Abigail Spencer) was designed in How I Met Your Mother to be really basic and generic, then she proves to be someone so ordinary and forgettable that Ted didn’t even remember his name. The only thing that stood out about her was her feeling of insecurity, as she was jealous of Robin (Cobie Smulders) almost instantly. At that moment, however, she managed to get a good laugh out of the group of friends.

4. Victoria

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The subtle Victoria (Ashley Williams) was presented as being a very smart, intelligent woman and a great partner. That’s also why she realized that Ted had persistent feelings for Robin and decided to act before she lost her boyfriend. In this way, she gives Ted an ultimatum, making peace with reality and channeling her insecurities. If it weren’t for Robin, perhaps, they would have ended up together.

3. Becky

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Without a doubt, one of the most complicated and stereotyped characters of How I Met Your Mother is presenter Becky (Laura Bell Bundy). In this way, Ted ends up liking her for all her inevitable charms.

As much as it was fun to see the development of the two, Becky could not be taken seriously, since her lack of self-awareness made her make several blunders. However, it was a very fun Ted novel!

2. Robin

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It is safe to say that Robin and Ted are soul mates in a very functional sense, as they even imagined growing old together. Robin, in addition to being a great loving companion, was also a great friend. Their relationship managed to transcend the need for labels and they were always able to resolve themselves even in so many adversities.

1. Tracy

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Finishing the list, we could not fail to mention Tracy (Cristin Milioti), who is perhaps the wisest character in the series. In addition to being great at everything she proposes, she is also very determined about her priorities. Tracy still manages to be everything Ted Mosby expected from a partner, showing how perfect her encounter and fit with him is in every way.

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