How I Met Your Mother: Barney Stinson’s Top 10 Moments

The last episode of How I Met Your Mother aired in 2014, but the fame of the series remains today, gaining new fans every year. Much of the success of the series is due to the extremely well thought out characters.

Barney Stinson is an irremediable and somewhat self-centered womanizer who spends much of the show being a kind of lone wolf, addicted to dating and always telling crazy stories.

To do the character justice, Minha Série separated Barney Stinson’s 10 best moments in How I Met Your Mother.

Watch out for spoilers!

10. Has attachment to suits

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Barney’s love for his suits causes countless funny situations. Who does not remember when he spoke “suit up”, which in Portuguese would be something like “put the suit on”?

There is even an episode in which he suffers an accident, he is all in a cast, but he regrets that he was cut off his suit with a saw to remove it from the rubble.

9. Take care of Lily when she is homeless

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In one of the most complicated moments of the series, Lily and Marshall are separated and she has nowhere to live. Barney welcomes his friend, who moves in with him, but she has two missions: not to change anything in the apartment and to help him dismiss the women. A mixture of tender and funny scenes are born from that moment.

8. Did a double for Marshall and Lily to try to have children

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Despite being against getting married and having children, Barney shows himself to be much more than a mere pessimist. When Marshall and Lily are waiting for his doppelgänger to appear as a sign to have children, the friend dresses up several times with other people to encourage the couple. The moments yield many funny scenes, but, mainly, show a little of the character’s good heart.

7. Has a mysterious job

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The main mystery of How I Met Your Mother is: what is Barney Stinson’s occupation? We only know that he works at Goliath National Bank and is very involved with Asians. The rest? An unknown. Whenever asked about this, Barney answers only “please”. The scenes involving the use of the character always yield great laughs.

6. Nurture feelings for Robin

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After an overnight stay, Barney begins to have feelings for Robin. This makes him all weird around her, causing Lily to start helping him try to win over his friend. It’s the first time that fans have seen Barney in love and, let’s face it, it’s a really cute moment.

5. Follow the Bros Code

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The famous Bro Code is mentioned by Barney throughout the series. He says he follows the commandments written there to the letter and always makes up wonderful stories from the past to create an origin for the book. In the last season, the book is published in real life and in the fictional world, being in several hotels and airplanes.

4. Proposes Robin to marry

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In the best Barney Stinson style, he prepares a whole play from the famous The Playbook to make “The Robin”, asking his beloved in marriage. He kisses her, pretends to give up trying to win her over, even ignores her and pretends a relationship with Patrice; in search of his friend’s blessing, he only tells Ted that he’s going to propose to Patrice. In the end, it’s all a plan to ask for Robin’s hand. These scenes are some of the funniest and most exciting in the series.

3. Build the relationship with Robin

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Although they didn’t work out the first time they tried, Robin and Barney appear to have a beautiful relationship on the second try. Before getting married, the two have beautiful moments in which they learn to act like a couple and trust each other, in addition to speaking completely weird phrases together (but they find it very cute to be in love).

2. Challenge accepted!

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The challenges accepted by Barney yield very funny situations, with attempts to get the phone number of several women. However, in one episode, Barney lives a night of challenges with Lily and Robin and, in the last one, tries to win over Ted’s future wife, who teaches the character a life lesson. After talking to her, Barney goes home and starts planning “The Robin”.

1. Make Marshall wait for Lily

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Even trying to make it look like he is helping Marshall to forget Lily, Barney keeps his friend from being with another woman while he is separated from his beloved. Besides, he goes to San Francisco to tell Lily to come back with Marshall because he can’t take anymore having to steal his friend’s suitors. A heartfelt help in the best Barney Stinson style.

So, what is your favorite moment of this character so memorable?


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