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There are many apps that promise to be a kind of coach to give that strength in the physical exercises of the guys. Having a healthier life with the craziness of everyday life is not easy. It is with this premise that Google Fit promises to work for both casual and hardcore users. In the lines below you will find out more about the app, its features and resources.

google fit how it works
Google Fit is available for Android and iOS (Image: Handout)

Made to monitor physical exercise, daily activities and support a healthier life, Google Fit can be accessed by most cell phones and smartwatches. With its use, the person can create goals and have access to tips and suggestions to stay active.

Every activity is recorded both manually and automatically by the app, bringing information for a better development of the practitioner. In addition, it is possible to make use of a diary for personal follow-up, which can help when billing and planning.

From walking to swimming, Google Fit works by focusing on movement as the main tool to collect data from the individual. Presenting real numbers based on your needs and accomplishments. All it takes is activating the app and keeping it close to your body during physical activities.

And best of all, it’s easy to use.

The main features of Google Fit

Of course, in order to offer the user the options for use, it is necessary to have ready-made resources within the app. In this case, Google Fit doesn’t look bad. There are six pre-installed alternatives that can and should be used by the individual, as this way the chances of improving performance increase. Check out:


Here you can set daily and weekly goals for a number of steps. With this, the app presents data such as energy expenditure, distance traveled, minutes in motion and the speed reached. It is worth mentioning the “cardio points”, a scoring system to create a gamification of the exercises and animate the user. This is the result of a partnership with the World Health Organization.

body measurements

Without much secret, this tool asks the individual to manually add their weight, height and body fat. This is to make frequent monitoring of your physical state.

Vital signs

This Google Fit feature works through other health and fitness apps like Heart Care. It focuses on information about heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature and even oxygen saturation.


To keep track of the calories consumed and hydration data, it is possible to add everything manually, but it ends up not working so well. Therefore, Google Fit asks the person to make use of external apps like Lose It. This makes it easier to keep track of your daily diet.


With this tool, the user can manually add the duration of their daily sleep and even create a bedtime schedule. In addition, this resource offers articles from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) to answer questions on the subject. Finally, it is worth remembering white noise and how it affects your sleep, because sleeping well is essential for a healthy life.

cycle monitoring

Here, the person can manually add information about the menstrual period such as date and flow level.

How to configure the app

Google Fit can be downloaded from both the Play Store and the App Store. The entire configuration and customization part works in a simple and straightforward way. So casual users end up having little trouble getting everything ready for everyday use.

In the home menu (indicated by the button in the lower left corner), the person can press the “+” button to add their personal information such as blood pressure and weight. Then just add the activities you want to do.

In the profile part (indicated by the button in the lower right corner), the activity goal, bedtime schedule and personal data can be checked and edited.

From there, just follow the huge circle on the home screen that represents steps taken, cardio points acquired, calories, mileage, goals and movement per minute.

google fit how it works
Two of Google Fit’s most relevant screens (Image: Tecnoblog / Ricardo Syozi)

Finally, I’ve separated a list of apps that can be integrated with Google Fit to improve overall performance:

  • Headspace: Meditation and Sleep;
  • Blood Pressure Diary;
  • Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker;
  • Exercises at Home;
  • MyFitnessPal: Diet and Training;
  • Nike Training Club;
  • Health Sync;
  • Renpho.

I’ve been using Google Fit for about a year now. As my focus is walking, I end up using the least amount of resources, paying more attention to the distance covered and the calories burned. So far, my experience has been pleasant, without any problems with the app.

Do you think Google Fit might work for you? What are your goals with the app? Don’t forget to join the community technoblog!

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