How do digital nomads make money traveling the world?

Globalization and the technological revolution have changed the way people watch movies (streaming), exercise (Ring Fit Adventure), get together (video calls) and shop (e-commerce). In addition to these transformations in leisure and consumption, the way in which citizens view work has also been changed forever, one result of which was the so-called “digital nomadism”.

In a 2018 survey, called State of Independence, the consulting firm MBO Partners defined digital nomads as “people who choose to adopt a lifestyle independent of location and enabled by technologies that allow them to travel and work remotely and anywhere in the world”.

The survey showed that these self-employed workers decided to switch from the traditional corporate environment to open-air offices. In general, these individuals are self-employed or freelancers who travel between cities and countries to exercise their professional function or even monetizing their own itinerary (as in the case of content producers and influencers).

Digital nomads

In common, this audience shares a passion for new adventures and experiences in places far from their origins. The internet plays a fundamental role in the process, since it is from there that digital nomads manage to earn money even though they are in transit between various locations.

In a scientific article published in May 2020, researcher Olga Hannonen, from the University of Eastern Finland, argued that this lifestyle mainly attracts young entrepreneurs who have a great knowledge of digital tools and telework. The academic also mentioned that it is very common for them to immerse themselves in the local culture of the city where they are located.

Despite this, Hannonen argued that scientific knowledge on the subject is still incipient. She recalled that, in order to have a better idea of ​​this phenomenon, it is necessary to analyze the duration of these movements (are they lasting or just a phase?), As is the notion of the time of these people and also the impact that they cause in the communities in which they live. settle for a period.

From the courts to the middle of nature

To understand a little of this lifestyle, the TecMundo talked to people like Alessandro da Cruz and Duda Cardoso, a couple of lawyers who worked in large offices in the country and decided to live a life without borders for some time.

Alê and Duda, as they identify themselves on social networks, planned life changes for about a year and a half, a period in which they gathered money and created a travel itinerary. Since the beginning of last year, they have been traveling in South America aboard a handmade motorhome.

“Telling everyone about our plan was not easy. Several people thought we were doing something crazy. They even said that we were going to become a hippie ”, reported Duda.

Digital nomadsAlê and Duda in their motorhome

“In the first month of the trip, we realized that that was what we wanted. We were not unhappy working in the corporate world, but we realized how much we wanted to give a different meaning to our lives ”, added Alê.

The couple’s schedule ended up being hindered by the pandemic factor, which made them 8 months “in prison” in Argentina (5 months in El Calafate and 3 months in Bariloche). Despite the crisis, the two also managed to pass through Uruguay and Chile and are currently working directly from Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO).

“Our plan is not to live in the van forever, not least because nowadays we don’t have a second home. We have been looking at this project for a few years, and as a main objective we want to get to Alaska. And while all this lasts we will enjoy it in the best possible way “, explained Alessandro.

Digital nomadsThe couple of lawyers intends to visit all of Brazil in 2021

Living without borders

São Paulo publicist Tassiana Ghorayeb, 34, has been a citizen of the world since the second half of 2019. Altogether, 14 countries were visited in the period, including some traditional ones such as Spain, Portugal, Germany and France and others culturally distant from the Brazil such as Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

She told the TecMundo who decided to become a digital nomad because he “felt something was missing” in his life. With that feeling, the young woman simply arrived at work one day and asked for the bills so that she could finally feel complete.

“I have no regrets, if I went back I would do exactly the same thing. This experience has shown me how there are good and respectful people in absolutely every corner. I also learned how it is possible to live a peaceful life with less money and less consumerism. What I am experiencing is priceless ”, reported Tassiana.

Digital nomadsAdvertiser Tassiana Ghorayeb is currently living in Macedonia

Tassiana said that living in other cultures learning the lifestyle and the way a community different from ours sees the world is very rewarding. She cited that despite bureaucratic problems such as currency conversion, lack of knowledge about local geography and distance from the family, she intends to continue around the world as long as she feels happy and everything is financially viable.

In this pandemic period, Tassiana said that everything has been more difficult. The changes in rules in the places have generated a feeling of uncertainty for those who live a life like hers. The very country where she is, Macedonia, would actually be a 5-day ticket that is already lasting more than 20 days.

She preaches that because of the impossibility of knowing the day and time that the health crisis will end, she has taken all the precautions and received help from families to go through lockdown situations, for example. Even with all this chaotic scenario, the publicist has not lost her enthusiasm that things are going to get better, since she “has so much to see and learn”.

Due to the lack of physical contact with her family, she uses her Instagram page to publish curiosities and tell a little about the history of the countries she visits. “I remember that they are not here with me and they may never visit these places, so I think about what can be cool to share and tell.”

Digital nomadsTassiana (on the left) said that hospitality is one of the most universal characteristics among the people who lived together

How to make money while traveling?

A common question that arises when addressing digital nomadism is how to get income, since getting a steady job is more complicated living this way. However, there are several ways to make the lifestyle viable.

In the case of Alê and Duda, they saved money and made a reservation even selling the car and items such as televisions and clothes. All the account of the couple’s trip and experience is made on the website, YouTube and Get Outside social networks, the name of the company they created.

Currently, they have 5 sources of income: acting as influencers for brands; photography and video production works; selling ebooks and courses; monetization of the YouTube channel and affiliate program.

“We structure digital nomadism as a business. So we started a company, looked for customers and partners who could join with us in this great project to make everything viable ”, explained Alê.

Digital nomadsThe lack of internet and the concern of where to sleep are among the wrenches mentioned by Alê and Duda

Both cite the importance of financial planning so that lifestyle is doable. Duda commented that entrepreneurship is an essential part of the cycle that they are living in now. “A lot of people see us traveling around the places and romanticize a lot, forgetting that all of this is our new way of working and living”, warned the lawyer.

In the case of Tassiana, she said that in order to survive, in addition to doing freelance advertising projects for Brazil, she works for Workaway (platform for people who want to work for a host in exchange for housing and food) or on a voluntary basis.

“I have already cooked for guests in a hostel in Romania for 3 months, I worked in a laundry in Turkey, in a bar in Croatia, I helped a host (host) in Spain with digital marketing to open his company, in short, quite a lot. They were all incredible experiences ”.

The publicist said that, because of the pandemic, advertising projects are scarcer and paying less. Because of this, she said that she needs to work harder to get the same income she had in times without a health crisis. “One of the best tips for those who live as a digital nomad is to know how to adapt and stay connected with everything that is going on. This helps you to think about the next steps ”, he stressed.

Digital nomadsTassiana says that she always absorbs a little of the culture of the place where she is

Because of the pandemic, several companies have made the work regime of the employees more flexible, which has enabled new labor relations. And for those who are thinking about becoming a digital nomad, TecMundo took the opportunity to leave some tips on platforms and job vacancies to get money working on home office models and remotely. Check out the suggestions below:

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