How Can the Cookie Business Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic Period?

Jakarta, IDN Times – Different challenges faced by SMEs in the COVID-19 pandemic. This was experienced by Ida Rachmawati, owner of AdhiteRecipes, an ornamental painting business in Malang. He chose to innovate so that his business still exists even in difficult times.

1. The ability to draw and the difficulty of the marketing process becomes a challenge

AdhiteRecipes products. (Doc.Image Dynamics)

AdhiteRecipes was founded in 2013. Armed with the ability to draw and learn knowledge in online classes on YouTube, Ida ventured to offer decorative paintings. The start of a business trip founded by a woman born in 1980 was not easy. The ability to draw that affected the quality of the painting and the difficulty of the marketing process was a challenge that Ida faced. This year, the decline in demand for ornamental cookies as a result of the pandemic is a new challenge that must be addressed through product innovation.

“I have gone through a lot to build this business. Initially, AdhiteRecipes was known in Jakarta, Bandung, and never reached Singapore. However, it is not known in Malang City. After becoming known by consumers in this city, this year the demand must decrease due to a pandemic. Finally, I chose to innovate to provide Do It Yourself (DIY) Cookie Kit to attract consumers, “Ida said in a statement on Sunday (6/28).

2. DIY Cookie Kit becomes an innovation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

How Can the Decorative Painting Business Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic Period? AdhiteRecipes products. (Doc.Images Dynamics)

The idea of ​​developing this DIY Cookie Kit came from one of the loyal customers. The reason, so that children find new activities that are attractive and sharpen creativity while at home. DIY Cookie Kit is a cookie package that can be decorated by children according to their imagination. In the package, Ida provides plain cookies in various forms, several types of icing sugar, sprinkles, and how to use them.

As a result, this idea received a very good response from consumers in the city of Malang to outside the city on the first day of launch. In addition, Ida also made iconic cookies during this pandemic, such as masks and other medical devices.

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“The success of the DIY Cookie Kit is not only supported by products that are interesting and in accordance with the needs of today’s society, but also thanks to the marketing activities that I do. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to understand marketing science through the Women Will class before this pandemic occurred, so that when there are difficult situations like this I am able to deal with it, “explained Ida.

3. Marketing is the key in marketing products

How Can the Decorative Painting Business Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic Period? AdhiteRecipes products. (Doc.Image Dynamics)

Ida’s marketing knowledge was initially received since she took the Women Will class, the Grow with Google program that supports female MSMEs in Indonesia to advance business digitally through training, in March 2019. At that time, Ida was looking for ways to introduce AdhiteRecipes in her hometown.

Through the class, Ida finally found a business partner and became acquainted with the community of women entrepreneurs who were persistent in introducing their products to being able to join one of the inspirational and creative communities in Malang.

Not only actively participating in the Women Will class, Ida also continued learning at home through Google Primary. From this application, he learned how to develop a business and introduce his products to be more accepted by consumers in the city of Malang.

In addition, Ida also found the importance of optimizing Google My Business (GMB) so that its products are more easily found by consumers. In fact, he can also get reviews from consumers about their products and services. He realized, positive reviews provided by consumers for free at GMB became a free promotional event and were more trusted by consumers. Indirectly, this brings in new customers.

“I am really happy for what I learned and applied after studying marketing in the Women Will and Google Primary classes. And what makes me even more excited, every time someone looks for a decorative painting product in Malang through Google Search, Adhite Recipes is always at the top, “explained Ida.

In addition, Ida also asked for help from local influencers in Malang to introduce new products. He also utilizes various other free endorsement programs available on social media. Ida is also actively conducting a shopping program with prizes for cookies to increase customer satisfaction and increase the sale value of its products in the marketplace.

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