Horror: 6 best plot twists in its genre

Especially in horror films, a genre in which many productions stand out for their predictability and little narrative originality, the plot twist is the great moment capable of definitively enshrining or sinking the project. The resource, which tests the creators’ creativity and the capacity to shock, is perhaps the greatest trick of horror itself, and many films have managed to use it to perfection to show memorable and, consequently, unforgettable scenes.

Check out some of the biggest twists presented in horror cinema, according to fan opinions on Reddit.


6. The evil doll

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The evil doll it is far from being a spectacular or original film, but it is worth mentioning screenwriter Stacey Menear’s excellent sensitivity to playing with the viewer’s perception. For most of the movie, we believe that Nanny Greta is tending to a haunted doll, in style. Annabelle, and that Brahms is just an object possessed by some demonic entity. However, at the beginning of the third act, the protagonist discovers that the real Brahms lives inside the house and that the boy, presumed dead, lived for almost 20 years in secret, revealing himself in a minimally epic and intense scene.

5. The secret of the cabin

(Source: Lionsgate / Reproduction)(Source: Lionsgate / Reproduction)Source: Lionsgate

Released in 2012 by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield: Monster, Lost in Mars), The secret of the cabin was an ambitious work that seemed to pay only homage to horror classics, telling the story of a group of friends who are disturbed by the undead after moving to an isolated cabin. Fortunately, in a twist worthy of a genius, the film proved to be much bigger and revealed that the co-protagonists were in a kind of reality show that plans the earthly apocalypse through a blood ritual, with the arrival of demons and the emergence of monsters bizarre.

4. the others

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2001 classic starring Nicole Kidman, the others tells the story of Grace, left with her children in a huge mansion after her husband was conscripted into World War II. During the plot, several strange events start to occur in the house and suggest the existence of ghosts, but it’s all just an inverse proposal and an even darker insight. In fact, Grace and her children are the ghosts, and the apparitions that appear in the house are real mediums trying to communicate with the protagonist.

3. Deadly Games

(Source: Lionsgate / Reproduction)(Source: Lionsgate / Reproduction)Source: Lionsgate

One of the longest running horror franchises in decades, Deadly Games it became what it is thanks not only to graphic violence or the complex antagonist, but mainly because of the spectacular—yes, spectacular—plot twist of the first film. At the end of the film, when Lawrence finds himself trapped in a game and finds, in the severed of his leg, the only solution to escape, the audience discovers that the corpse beside him was the bad guy Jigsaw the entire time and that he was just watching. the hostage’s choices about the life and death of everyone related to the sick game. All this practically in the last second of the film.

2. The invitation

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The invitation, de Karyn Kusama (The Outsider, Hell Girl), it may be a slow and atmospheric film, but it is a psychological horror that delivers much more than it proposes. During a meeting with old friends, Will (Logan Marshall-Gree) begins to notice that the hosts are behaving very strangely, reliving suspicious subjects and suggesting dubious questions. The plot twists duo takes place after dinner, when it is initially revealed that the invitation was for a collective sacrifice, and that practically all the neighboring houses were practicing human offerings and rituals at that same time, when red lanterns symbolize the death.

1. Or Sixth Sense

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Not dramatic horror Or Sixth Sense, we meet psychiatrist Malcom (Bruce Willis), who works with little Cole (Haley Joel Osment) in an attempt to alleviate his traumas involving visions of “dead people”. The clues about what really happens to Cole are subtly conveyed and build an “unpredictable” predictability, since the answers were there, but the narrative excellence and depth of the characters didn’t let the audience realize: if the boy saw dead people , was Malcolm dead then? Yes, he was, having been murdered by Vincent, a former patient.

Honorable mention: The fog

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The honorable mention of this list goes to an ending that is not only surprising but shocking, disturbing, and one that will keep anyone seeing the credits soaring as they reflect on the insignificance of human life. Inspired by Stephen King’s short story, The fog tells the story of a group of city dwellers who isolate themselves in the supermarket due to the appearance of a dense fog… filled with Lovecraftian monsters.

At the end of the film, when David (Thomas Jane) escapes the scene in a vehicle with his son and a group of locals, the car breaks down and stops in the middle of the road and fog. With no hope of life, the driver takes a gun with four bullets and hands one to each of the passengers so they can kill themselves. At the same moment, when David is the only one alive, a group of military men emerges to rescue them and the fog instantly disappears, but it’s too late.

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