Home office: 80 vacancies for remote work [30/03]

TecMundo in partnership with remote bring a curated by vacancies in the areas of Technology, Marketing, Sales, HR and much more for those who seek 100% remote work. The selected companies offer competitive salary and various benefits. Check out!


About the company: Lastlink helps content creators monetize their channels through an integrated platform. It is a rapidly growing remote first company that offers benefits such as home-office assistance, culture vouchers and health and wellness care, VR or VA, among others.

Vacancies: they are with 03 open positionsbeing them:


About the company: Frexco is a startup that connects farming families with consumers, generating a more sustainable food delivery chain.

Vacancies: the company is growing fast, and all its 7 positions are for 100% remote work, including internship. Check out some of them:

Pipo Health

About the company: Pipo is a health benefits brokerage that combines technology with a team of specialists to support HR in the health management of companies, controlling costs and offering a differentiated experience to employees.

Vacancies: are primarily remote, and all their jobs allow you to work from anywhere. They offer differentiated benefits such as a great health and dental plan, flexible benefits, flexible vacations, Gympass, among others. Here they are 10 open positionswith emphasis on:

4all Technology

About the company: 4all is a Technology Hub that invests and develops startups focused on digital transformation. Its portfolio of startups has platforms in the financial, entertainment, digital transformation and even beverage segments.

Vacancies: the hub, which offers remote work and several other benefits, has 10 vacancies open to work with Content, Technology, Sales and Marketing.


About the company: Have you ever thought of a way to donate to charity without spending a dime? This is Ribon, an app that has been gaining more and more prominence in the market.

Vacancies: the company offers CLT hiring and 100% remote work. Check the 3 open positions, some with disclosed salary:

best plan

About the company: belonging to the CASH3 group, Melhor Plano is one of the main comparators of telecom plans and financial services in Brazil.

Vacancies: In addition to remote work, there are several other benefits of working on the Best Plan, such as per diem, VA / VR, Health Plan, among others. check out 08 vacancieswith highlights for:


About the company: with many students around the world, Mentorama is an online mentoring platform for the most sought after professions such as UX, Web Design, among others.

Vacancies: the company is with 4 vacancies open in pj model, paid rest and performance bonuses. Check out:.


About the company: FreightBras is the pioneer and the largest technological platform for cargo transportation in South America. The company connects hauliers and truck drivers, investing in innovative solutions to make road transport more efficient.

Vacancies: the company adopted the 100% remote model and therefore has several vacancies for areas such as Technology, Product and Marketing. Check out the highlights from this selection of 10 vacancies:

I got sick

About the company: one of the best-known fashion-focused marketplaces on the market, enjoei has also adopted 100% remote work for practically all of its vacancies.

Vacancies: we separate 11 positions that offer several benefits, in addition to a competitive salary. Check out the highlights:

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