Home office: 40 vacancies for remote work [13/10]

If you are looking for a job in the areas of Technology, Marketing and Innovation, be sure to check this list. O TechWorld in partnership with Remotar, a platform for curation of remote jobs, it has set aside 40 jobs for those who want to work remotely. They cover several levels, including internship. Check out the opportunities below:


Vaga: Employer Branding Specialist

Company: Lendico

Main activity: lead Lendico’s Communication and Employer Branding strategies, aiming to keep employees engaged in the work environment.

Vacancy: Media Analyst (Digital) Jr

Company: fri.to

Main activity: Implementation, Monitoring and Optimization of Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Search, Google Display and Linkedin Ads.

Vacancy: Social Media Analyst

Company: Awari

Main activity: Strategic planning: working together with our team for the preparation of content calendar, analysis and insights generation on different platforms.

Vacancy: Marketing Internship

Empresa: Kamelus Academy

Main activity: Working side by side with people who are passionate about what they do, having the opportunity to learn daily and expand their knowledge.

Vacancy: Marketing & Growth Analytics Specialist

Company: single IDtech

Main activity: Responsible for analyzing, generating insights and proposing action plans for the Customer MKT & Growth area.


Vacancy: Junior Copywriter (content analyst)

Company: Enext

Main activity: lead Lendico’s Communication and Employer Branding strategies, aiming to keep employees engaged in the work environment.

Vacancy: Content Specialist

Empresa: You’re sick

Main activity: Propose creative solutions to communicate complex content in an attractive and didactic way.

UX / UI / Design

Vacancy: Graphic Designer

Company: Lendico

Main activity: creating layouts and interfaces for digital media: social media, ads and landing pages.

Vacancy: UX / UI Designer Full

Company: Digicade Technology

Main activity: developing interfaces for web products together with the development team.

Vacancy: Digital Illustrator Person

Company: Compass UOL

Main activity: creating original illustrations of characters, symbols, environments, screens, logos and layout design.

Vacancy: Art Director Jr.

Company: Tera

Main activity: Creation and conceptualization of communication pieces on different platforms and deployment of pieces for graphic materials for landing pages, emails and digital media platforms.

Vaga: Digital Product Designer

Company: D3_Company

Main activity: responsible for organizing the user experience, assimilating the business premises and unfolding the product’s strategic vision to create inspiring, pleasant, quality and elegant digital products, aiming at both efficient usability and user experience.

Service & Support

Vaga: Customer Success

Empresa: You’re sick

Main activity: seeking the success of our customers this monitoring is necessary so that the customer can have the best experience with our software, being able to apply the best agricultural and financial management strategies that exist. You will become our customers’ best friend by following you daily.

Vaga: Customer Success Manager

Company: Grupo Alura

Main activity: analyze the health of your portfolio and create actions on top of it: identify upsell/cross sell/expansion opportunities in the customer base, create action plans for clients at risk.

Vaga: IT Customer Success Specialist

Empresa: Hostinger

Main activity: Make your customer’s life and business easier on a daily basis, offering an unforgettable service and customer experience.

Vacancy: Customer Service Assistant – Customer Experience

Company: Appmax

Main activity: Carry out customer service via email, contacting them by phone whenever necessary and manage the services in order to ensure all returns within the stipulated deadlines.

Vacancy: Service and Retention Internship

Company: E-lastic

Main activity: Ensure adaptability of customers, ensure a good experience for customers, ensure customer retention, technical support, management of service data and management of spreadsheets and dashboards related to service data.

Technology – Data

Vacancy: Data Scientist Jr.

Company: Lendico

Main activity: implement and validate predictive models.

Vacancy: Business Intelligence Internship

Empresa: Padtec

Main activity: Transforming data into information/presentations for project analysis.

Vacancy: BI Specialist

Empresa: Studio Z

Main activity: Acting in the execution of BI projects, in all its phases.

Technology – Product

Vacancy: Data Scientist Jr.

Company: Lendico

Main activity: implement and validate predictive models.

Vaga: Product Owner (PO)

Company: MOVE

Main activity: Manage product lifecycle, from inception/discovery to delivery/launch.

Vaga: Product Manager/Product Owner Financeiro

Empresa: Asaas

Main activity: Deliver value-creating deliveries: deep understanding of the customer to deliver the best possible solution, considering gains and effort.

Technology – Front-end programming

Vacancy: Javascript Developer

Company: Videosoft

Main activity: architecting and executing new feature projects through the company’s development tools through agile methods.

Vacancy: Front-End Full Stack Developer

Empresa: L3 IT

Main activity: Front-end/full stack development using Angular; Support the analysis and suggest improvements to systems that are already in operation. Digitizing and publishing systems that are currently local and we want to move to the web.

Technology – Back-end Programming

Vaga: Mid Back-end Developer Java

Company: Invillia

Main activity: will be responsible for providing technical solutions for new features and providing the necessary support for existing features.

Vacancy: Full Backend Developer Person

Company: Catho

Main activity: As a Full Backend Developer Person will collaborate with the team responsible for the context of plans, prices and subscriptions for Catho’s products. Together with this team, you will have the mission to modernize this context, making it more connected to Catho’s vision of the future and flexible to support both the candidate and recruiter fronts, as well as new products and subscription models.

Vacancy: Back end Ruby Developer Person – Senior

Company: Graphene

Main activity: Acting on our new features development team for our Ruby on Rails platform. Participating in the technical design and implementation of new solutions and in the review of developed codes.

Vacancy: Back-end Developer [Vaga afirmativa para mulheres]

Company: Luiza Labs

Main activity: working in an agile team participating in ceremonies, maintaining a healthy environment among team members and promoting constant deliveries with quality and safety.

Vacancy: PHP Developer

Company: MOVE

Main activity: Be organized, be able to carry out comparisons and present results; Be determined, proactive, dynamic and committed to the result of your work.

Vaga: Tech Lead

Company: Graphene

Main activity: Backend development with Ruby.

Technology – Tests

Vacancy: Test Analyst/QA (Junior and Full)

Company: Digicade Technology

Main activity: Acting directly in the Software Quality team; Design and run test scenarios with the development sector.

Human Resources

Vacancy: People and Management Coordinator

Company: Digicade Technology

Main activity: manage and carry out recruitment and selection activities, psychological assessment, positions and salaries, training and development programs, partnerships and agreements with educational institutions.

Vacancy: Junior HR Analyst

Company: Awari

Main activity: End-to-end recruitment and selection of professionals to expand the team of educators.

Vacancy: HR Analyst

Company: Maxiprod

Main activity: Actively search for candidates based on requirements aligned with managers.


Vaga: Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Empresa:  Huge Networks

Main activity: your biggest challenge will be the pre-sales of our cybersecurity solutions, acting in the first contact with potential customers and classifying the Leads generated by the marketing area.

Vacancy: Full Commercial Analyst

Company: Digicade Technology

Main activity: prospecting for B2B customers, city halls and government; Identify sales opportunities for new products and services, upgrades and needs assessment.

Vacancy: Pre-sales Internship

Company: Aprix

Main activity: supporting prospecting for new customers.

Vacancy: JR Business Analyst (After Sales)

Company: Mutant

Main activity: contact with the customer to understand, present and guide onboarding according to the Facebook process.

Vacancy: Pre Sales Analyst

Company: Cobli

Main activity: focus on acquiring new business mainly on phone and email based prospecting; Efficiently prioritize and manage the customer pipeline.

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