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Hitman 3 (Image: Disclosure/IO Interactive)

The Game Awards is the award that elects the best games of the year, as an “Oscar of Video Games”. However, many times, excellent games are not represented in the way they really deserve. In this 2021 edition, Hitman 3 is an example of a wronged title that was left out of the race not only for the GOTY but also in other categories, and that doesn’t make any sense, at least in my opinion, of course.

Hitman 3 deserves to be GOTY, just don’t see who doesn’t want to

Hitman 3 it was, without a doubt, one of the best games I played in all of 2021. In addition to the high technical quality, the last chapter of the World of Assassination trilogy is a complete experience and doesn’t fall short either in gameplay or in plot. IO Interactive got it right in several aspects and managed to deliver a Hitman almost perfect.

No wonder Hitman 3 remains one of the most highly rated games in this year’s Metacritic, with an average of 87 points. If we only consider new releases from January — that is, eliminating updates for PS5 and Xbox Series from Disco Elysium e Hades, for example — the stealth game is ranked 15th in the best ratings on the site.

Hitman 3 (Image: Disclosure/IO Interactive)
Hitman 3 (Image: Disclosure/IO Interactive)

Released on January 20 this year, Hitman 3 opened 2021 with a golden key. At the time of its debut, the game was acclaimed both by gamers and by the specialized critics. It is also the franchise’s most commercially successful title, being played by more than 50 million people worldwide, according to IO Interactive’s own data, released in November.

This community was built thanks to the support offered by the developer throughout the year. Since January, Hitman 3 receive frequent updates with new content such as special missions and squad contracts. In addition, the game already has its second year of content planned, with unprecedented maps and game modes to keep the franchise alive.

Even with all these good points, Agent 47’s latest adventure was ignored by The Game Awards. Not to mention that Hitman 3 was left out of the awards altogether, he even received a nomination — in the category of best game for virtual/augmented reality (🙃). Other than that, the title did not enter the categories of best action-adventure game, best direction, much less Game of the Year.

Because Hitman 3 was so slighted?

Hitman 3 (Image: Disclosure/IO Interactive)
Hitman 3 (Image: Disclosure/IO Interactive)

Why The Game Awards Belittled So Much Hitman 3? Honestly, I have no idea. The only plausible explanation I can think of is that maybe it was because of its release so early in the year. With that, more recent premieres and with more investment and publicity may have overshadowed a possible indication of Hitman 3.

The idea of ​​this text is not to take the merits of the GOTY nominees for this year’s edition of The Game Awards. After all, all six finalists — Resident Evil Village, It Takes Two, Psychonauts 2, Metroid Dread, Deathloop e Ratchet & Clank: In Another Dimension — have their reasons for being in the title race.

However, it cannot be ignored that, perhaps, a greater investment in marketing can be enough to take home a medal. The finalists in each category are chosen by a group made up of 100 press vehicles — whose Techblog it’s part—and influencers, and each has its own preference.

It is possible that Hitman 3 it didn’t please some members of the jury, or it simply wasn’t as “mainstream” as other nominees in the category. Anyway, it also scares me not to see Forza Horizon 5 among the finalists. A racing game with an average of 92 on Metacritic, without even a negative analysis from the specialized critics, did deserve this nomination.

Hitman 3 (Image: Disclosure/IO Interactive)
Hitman 3 (Image: Disclosure/IO Interactive)

The Game Awards take place on December 9th

With or without Hitman 3 Where Forza Horizon 5 competing in the main award categories, The Game Awards will still elect the best releases of the year. The ceremony takes place on November 9th, starting at 10 pm GMT, and we will be covering in real-time the winners and announcements during the event.

It is always good to remember that this text reflects my personal opinion on the subject. Are there any other games that you, reader, think should have received more affection at The Game Awards? Open your heart and share your indignation with us on the Techblog Community!

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