Here’s how to watch Spiral: The Legacy of Saw

the fans of horror movies keep a special place for the franchise Deadly Games, who launched the world serial killer Jigsaw. In 2022, the saga is back with the movie Spiral: The Saw Legacywhich recaptures the same universe as the murders and stars comedian Chris Rock (famous for creating the series Everybody hates Chris). In this text, we tell you everything you should know before watching the Spiraland what can you expect from this revival of the Jigsaw plot.

the franchise Deadly Games

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It is possible to say that Deadly Games (in particular, the first film, from 2004) has been a landmark in horror cinema in recent decades. The film, created by James Wan and Leight Whannell and directed by James Wan, won over viewers around the world, who were hooked on this format. movieinvolving the discovery of a mystery.

Within the horror genre, the franchise Deadly Games was categorized as part of a style called torture porn, which is based on the exhibition of very explicit scenes of torture and suffering, causing discomfort in the viewer. Another film in this line, for example, would be the thriller Irreversible (2002), by Gaspar Noé, which generated much controversy for showing a barbaric rape scene in a subway station.

the original movie, Deadly Games, 2004, begins with two guys who wake up tied by the feet inside a filthy bathroom. They soon discover that they have been ambushed by a serial killer called Jigsaw, which traps seemingly innocent people in deadly traps and, in order to survive, they must perform cruel tests that make them confront their personal ethics.

(Source: Lionsgate)(Source: Lionsgate)Source: Lionsgate

The film was a ratings success and spawned 7 more films — the last one was Saw: Jigsaw, released in 2017, which reportedly ended the franchise. In 2019, however, the producers announced a new movie, which would star actor Chris Rock, famous for his acting in comedies.

Spiral: The Saw Legacy was finally released in 2021, but only arrived in Brazil at the beginning of 2022. The film has new characters in the plot, since Jigsaw dies in the 4th movie (which doesn’t mean there was no continuity to his story post-mortem).

In the new film, an experienced detective (played by Chris Rock) teams up with a rookie partner (Max Minghella, from Handmaid’s Tale) to investigate murders taking place in the city. During the process, they realize that the killer is an imitator of the famous Jigsaw, and little by little they get involved in new “death games”.

What the critics say

During the 17 years that the franchise Deadly Games was explored, there was a lot of criticism about how the films always used the same formulas: a mystery, involving the discovery of the motivation for the crimes, which made the viewers have to guess why the victims of Jigsaw were chosen and how they could escape the traps.

The very figure of Jigsaw — who, when he did not appear on the scene (incorporated in the actor Tobin Bell, who was very marked by the role), was symbolized by a scary puppet driving a little bicycle — came to be seen as a cliché. Deadly Games, therefore, it wore out over time.

the new movie Spiral: The Saw Legacy tries to re-update this universe within a context in which the torture porn it no longer makes sense. We live in a time where so-called social horror films (such as the cult works of director Jordan Peele) show that it is possible to generate a sense of fear through very real problems, such as racism.

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The new work is clearly an attempt to explore this new vein, with explicit criticisms of the police system – which, especially in the discussions made by the Black Lives Matter movement, is seen as one of the great catalysts of violence against black people. Not by chance, the film is headed by two black actors who are true Hollywood stars: Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

Critics, however, have been unfavorable to the film. There are reviews that note that the social critique of Spiral is overly explicit and uncreative: for example the exploitation of the figure of the pig, which is a pejorative nickname given to the police in the United States.

The newspaper The Guardian was especially harsh: he said the film “is as cheap, misinterpreted and written as the worst of the films in the series, and its flaws are very glaring because it makes it seem like the producers believe they are creating something more refined than a film in the series.” Deadly Games”. Even so, for those who miss the ingenious traps set by Jigsaw, the work is a good choice.

Where to watch?

Spiral: The Saw Legacy is available on Net NOW for subscribers. In addition, it can be rented or purchased on Microsoft, Apple TV, Google Play, Claro Vídeo, Looke and Amazon Prime platforms.

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