Here’s how Gran Turismo 7, Spider-Man Miles Morales and Deathloop exploit the new features of the DualSense

The PS5 arrives in a few months and will bring its share of novelties. Among them, the DualSense, the console’s new pad. It has received special care, incorporating force feedback or haptic feedback for more immersion. Today the developers are telling us how it will be used in-game.

The DualSense will be Sony’s new controller and will be introduced with the PS5. More than an evolution of the Dual-Shock 4, this is a real revolution. The pad indeed brings its share of novelties, including a return of force at the level of the triggers and sticks as well as a haptic feedback. Today, the developers of the big games expected explain how these innovations will be used.

At the June 11 conference, Sony presented Astro’s Playroom, a small game offered with the console that will be a technical demo for the functionality of the controller. But other games will use it as well. Sony has published a long blog post giving a voice to developers of Deathloop, Spider-Man Miles Morales or Gran Turismo 7.

Haptic feedback in the spotlight

The functions of the controller are used intelligently in these games, we are promised. For example, in Deathloop, the pad focuses on the feel of the weapon. When the trigger locks, the trigger places resistance under the finger. The player is thus notified of the problem even before it appears on the screen.

In Ghostwire Tokyo, an atmospheric game, this is the haptic feedback which is being honored. The controller lets you feel the energies felt by the main character through subtle, almost imperceptible vibrations. It remains to be seen whether this will enhance the immersion or, on the contrary, hinder the game.

Haptic feedback is also used in the remake of Demon’s Soul for greater immersion. For example, you feel the power of the opponent if you have just countered a very powerful attack. The same goes for Horizon Zero Dawn, which wants to adapt the haptic feedback to each weapon so that they provide unique sensations. Ratchet and Clank, who uses it in the same way throughout their adventure.

The sense of the spider felt by the player

Spider-Man Miles Morales can give us a good idea of ​​what this is going to look like in hand, given that a lot of gamers are already familiar with the game with a PS4 pad. This time, the haptic feedback informs us which side the next attack will come from. Enough to make the meaning of the spider more concrete. Likewise, Miles’ powers are physically felt. When he puts on a “Venom Punch”, the controller vibrates from left to right to make the electricity feel in the hero’s body.

The Spider-Man game

Gran Turismo was the first license to use the vibration system in the 90s. The seventh part obviously takes over the functionality of the controller on its own, with haptic feedback, but also the force feedback in the triggers (like Forza is currently doing with the Xbox One controller). A way to better feel the road and its roughness or the power steering or ABS.

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It’s hard to explain what these options will actually change once the pad is in hand. But Sony is already giving us an idea of ​​the thing. PlayStation controllers have always tried to bring something new. The first Dual-Shock (released during the life of the PS1) introduced analog sticks, but also vibrations. The PS3 controller introduced wireless and the famous Sixaxis, which did not convince many people. Finally, the PS4 controller had brought the touchpad, used by many developers, as well as an onboard speaker.

The DualSense will be a real revolution. Never before has a PlayStation controller been so new. It remains to be seen whether this will be convincing in-game and whether the developers will use it intelligently.

Source: Sony

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