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The famous download site has just announced its new address on its Twitter account. Like his friends, he has no choice but to regularly modify his domain name to escape blocking by ISPs. Find everything you need to know about the site as well as its new URL in this article.

It is not uncommon to see illegal download sites change address. Cpasbien, Zone-Téléchargement, YggTorrent… In France, it is even almost a national sport, although other major international platforms, such as ThePirateBay, also use this technique. It’s not out of fantasy or lack of desire for change: very often, it’s for evade ISP sanctions.

Tirexo, which has experienced a meteoric rise in recent months, is therefore joining the movement. On Mastodon, the site has announced its new official address. The opportunity to come back to the platform’s proposal and the reasons that led it to make this migration. And, of course, to transmit the new official URL.

🔎 Tirexo, what is it for and how does it work?

110,000 films, 28,000 series or even 17,000 anime : Tirexo’s track record is impressive to say the least. In just a few months, the site has carved out a place for itself among the big names in illegal French downloading. Moreover, the platform does not just offer something to occupy your evenings in front of the television. We also find there Windows and Mac software, Android and iOS applications, albums or even video games.

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Just like Zone-Téléchargement, Tirexo does not officially host any of this content, which makes it difficult for it to be condemned by the courts. On the other hand, it does provide links to the download platform, most often UpToBox, 1fichier, Turbobit and Uploaded. For this reason, it regularly suffers the wrath of the authorities and ISPs.

🤔 Why is it often complicated to connect to Tirexo?

This is why it happens that the site is inaccessible at its usual address, and that you cannot find its current URL. Illegal download sites are often the target of legal sanctions, which order their blocking to prevent users from getting their hands on content for free.

To continue their activities, it happens that the sites in question change their address, but also use proxies or mirror sites. It is in particular in this way that The Pirate Bay is still active, and this, years after its official blocking by the American authorities.

🆕 What is Tirexo’s new address?

On February 2, Tirexo shared its new address on its Mastodon account. If you have not been able to access the site since this date, you now know the reason. If you are a regular on the site, we advise you to regularly consult its news feed on the platform, at least when you encounter problems connecting. Here is the new official Tirexo URL:

Tirexo also specifies that this change is indeed due to DNS blocking by ISPs. Note that the latest was July 23, 2021, so the migrations aren’t as recent as other big download sites, but better stay alert to not miss new URLs when they’re announced.

⚙ How to bypass restrictions and change DNS?

Despite this new address, you may still encounter some difficulties in accessing the site. Indeed, it is possible that le DNS still blocks the site. Therefore, we advise you to go to your browser settings and configure the settings as shown in the screenshot below. In particular, try to adjust the primary DNS on and the secondary DNS on

Another solution, the VPN is particularly effective here. If you don’t know which one to choose, you can check out our guide to the best VPNs of 2021. Finally, you can always opt for a legal streaming platform to avoid problems. Depending on what you are used to watching, there is bound to be one that will meet your needs.

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