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Cpasbien, the famous torrent file downloading site, has had a new address since 2020. Now renamed Oxtorrent, the pirate site still provides access to a myriad of content, such as series, movies, digital books, music albums or software, without registration. We tell you everything you need to know about the illegal download site.

new address

🔎 Cpasbien, what is it for and how does it work?

Since its creation in the 2000s, Cpasbien has been one of the most popular torrents sites on the web. On the platform, Internet users can download torrent files which make it possible to obtain music, series, films or software. Mirroring the famous YggTorrent, the download site is based on the BitTorrent protocol. To view the downloaded content, you will need to install software such as qBittorrent or Transmission on your computer.

Torrent sharing differs from direct downloading, offered in particular by sites such as Zone-Download. As part of the direct download, the Internet user directly obtains the requested file (film, series, etc.) on his computer. Conversely, a torrent file must first be opened with specialized software. This dedicated software will then recover the file via the peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol. Concretely, a torrent file is a map that indicates where the content you are looking for is hosted. A program like Transmission is responsible for retrieving the data for you, directly on the computer of the Internet user who shared it.

Note that Cpasbien does not host any content directly on its platform. The site is satisfied with list relaying links to torrent files. This is why we speak of directory or directory. Despite everything, Cpasbien is considered illegal by the authorities. Indeed, the vast majority of content shared by Internet users is not free of rights. Sharing and downloading the listed torrent files therefore violates copyright laws. The people who put the content online do not own the copyright in the works. They risk finding themselves in the sights of the police.

🤔 Why is it often complicated to connect to Cpasbien?

As explained above, Cpasbien is a pirate website that breaks the law. The site has been regularly blocked by the courts, especially in 2017. To escape the blocking measures of the authorities, the administrators must regularly change address. This is why users of the site are very often forced to search for the new address.

In addition, it often happens that Internet service providers must block the site in certain countries at the request of the courts. To get around these restrictions, many Internet users opt for a VPN. Using a VPN, they can pretend they’re connecting from another country. This measure also helps prevent authorities from discovering their IP address.

🆕 What is Cpasbien’s new address?

The assaults of the authorities therefore force the administrators to change address regularly. Very often, the servers that host Cpasbien are relocated to another country. The extension at the end of the URL (such as .be, .fr or .com) is de facto liable to vary. Often the servers are hosted in a country like New Zealand or Estonia. Don’t be surprised if you see suffixes like .eu, .li, or .to.

Users of the torrent platform should then sort between official redirect addresses, which allow access to the site, and dummy clones. Crooks often take advantage of the temporary blocking of the site to deploy clones that copy the interface. These copies offer fake torrent files to convince users to install paid software, such as a VPN, or, in the worst case, viruses. Warning: if Cpasbien asks you to register, you have surely come across a malicious clone.

oxtorrent cpasbien

Since the last months of 2019, Cpasbien has transformed. The site administrators have renamed their platform to Oxtorrent. To access the catalog of torrent files, you must therefore go to this address :

In fact, all the sites which claim to relay you to Cpasbien, like or others, are dummy versions. We advise you to be careful when consulting them. Note that some versions do offer torrents but this is not an original version of the platform.

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