Help Brazil: see how to consult the benefit by cell phone

O Brazil Aid, a program that will soon replace Bolsa Família, is the new benefit that will be paid by the end of 2022 in order to assist families in vulnerable situations. TecMundo brings a quick tutorial on how to download the application and how to consult the benefit by cell phone, check it out;

About the Program

Divided into nine modalities, the Brazil Aid program will cover everything from School Sports Aid and Scientific Initiation Scholarships to the Benefit for Overcoming Extreme Poverty. The amount of R$400 announced by the Federal Government is scheduled for December, but still needs to be approved. So far, the average benefit amount is R$ 217.18 per month.

If the program maintains the requirements already established by Bolsa Família — which will be terminated as soon as the new aid starts — families in extreme poverty (monthly income of up to R$89 per person) will benefit, as will people in poverty ( with income from R$89 to R$178 per person). Being the last group must include pregnant women or those under 21 years of age.

Families already registered in Bolsa Família or Cadastro Único do not need to worry about downloading another application, as the transfer is automatic. Just keep your registration data up to date. If you still don’t have an app downloaded, go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download the official application of Caixa Econômica Federal.

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Brazil Aid Application

According to Caixa, the application will be updated gradually for Bolsa Família users, to avoid congestion in the system. Anyway, those who have not migrated an application will receive the benefit normally.

CAUTIONS: Before downloading the app on your device it is important to check some details, check it out;

  1. Check if the name of the developer is Caixa Econômica Federal (in the case of the Auxílio Brasil application);
  2. The correct name is Auxílio Brasil CAIXA, with a blue background and the word “Brasil” in green and yellow;
  3. Download the app from the link above and you won’t be at risk! Furthermore, do not click on links received by email, SMS or WhatsApp messages — even if you receive them from friends or family, avoid accessing links;

How to consult the benefit through the App

Aid Brazil Application (Source: Caixa Econômica Federal/Reprodução)Aid Brazil Application (Source: Caixa Econômica Federal/Reprodução)Source: Caixa Econômica Federal

To check the benefit of help on your cell phone, open the application and follow the instructions below;

  1. Click on “Consult”;
  2. Choose access using one of the suggested options: using the password that was already used in the Bolsa Família application (click on Auxílio Brasil password), or the Caixa TEM password, or register in the application. If you have the password for the FGTS or Caixa Trabalhador app, choose the Auxílio Brasil password, as it is the same;
  3. Put the CPF and password;
  4. See the benefit;

Extra! There are ways to consult the benefit over the phone through the contact number, below:

  1. Call 0800 426 02 07
  2. Enter option 3 (Auxílio Brasil and other programs)
  3. Enter option 4 (to see if you’ve been included)
  4. Enter the CPF or NIS number

Fake apps and the risk of exposing personal data

Just as happened during the time of Emergency Aid, fake applications that use the name of Auxílio Brasil are starting to appear on the web, even in official stores, bringing risks to citizens seeking information about the new program. Applications serve as “bait” to steal user data, a crime known as phishing.

Some of the apps promise to look up benefit amounts and payment schedules. To get users’ attention and encourage the use of the application, the applications trigger notifications on the cell phone asking for information such as Social Identification Number (NIS), CPF, work card number, telephone number, among other data.

To avoid falling into one of these pitfalls, follow the caution instructions cited at the beginning of the text and always check the developers’ names, the app store rating, and the users’ comments.

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