Hearthstone: New Mercenaries mode has a little Pokémon spice

Hearthstone received today (12) its new Mercenaries mode, a long-awaited novelty by fans of Blizzard’s free card game. Increasingly versatile, the game now brings another great option to have fun alone or with your friends in an unprecedented way to adventure with the characters!

At the producer’s invitation, we had the opportunity to spend a few hours immersed in the mode, checking out all its news, and you can check out everything about it in our full preview!

A whole new Hearthstone

if you’ve played Pokémon Trading Card Game Where Fire Emblem, you’ll quickly understand one of the main insights of Mercenaries in terms of mechanics: now characters have types that are separated by colors! The green fighter class uses more aggressive skills; sorcerers, blue, cast powerful spells at the cost of being more fragile targets; the protectors, finally, are red and fulfill the function of being true tanks.

As you might have guessed, the colors also serve as a pretext for creating a combat triangle, much like the good old “rock, paper or scissors”. The red color is doubly effective against the green color, which in turn is doubly effective against the blue color. To close the loop, the blue color is doubly effective against the red one. It’s all very simple and functional.

You can build a team of six mercenaries with any combinations you want, but naturally focusing too much on one color makes you more vulnerable, so it’s best to try to make a balanced team. Think of it as a simpler version of the process of building a deck, only with each card being a much heavier character, as you’re trading dozens of cards for just half a dozen heroes.

Among your six Mercenaries, only three can be actively engaged in combat at a time, while the others heat up the reserve bank. As there are several stages and scenarios to explore, and they offer different routes to tread, there is even a certain flavor of roguelite in the experience, which helps to give a grateful freshness to the Hearthstone!

Mercenaries at your disposal

Before setting off on your adventures, you can also enjoy a new central hub, which is called the Village. This is the point where you not only redeem your rewards and visit the Mercenaries shop, you also manage your collection and customize the field to look like you.

Most importantly, the Village Contract Wall even offers a series of boss challenges at the end for you to complete and level up your cards. Except for the boss, the route is randomly generated, which guarantees a new experience every time you play!

Another way to have fun and test the quality of your team is entering the Fight Ring, where you can always face a rival with the same level of strength as you. Although we played for just over three hours, it was enough to feel that the process of making your Mercenaries stronger is quite rewarding and addictive!

To motivate even more people to try the mode, Blizzard will also take advantage of the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected to bring the Fear Lord himself into the game! Your pack comes with a Legendary Diablo Diamond Mercenary Card and 50 Mercenary Packs. Does this crossover mean we’ll see more of the company’s series appearing in Hearthstone? Will take!

At the Battle.net store, the Diablo Mercenaries offer costs R$99.00, the Lich Rei Mercenaries offer costs R$99.00 and the Sylvana Mercenaries offer costs R$59.00, offering good packages to get you started on your journey in new way on the right foot. From what we could see in our tests, there is a lot of potential for this to become one of the most popular ways to enjoy Hearthstone!

But what about you, what did you think of the Mercenaries news? Are you excited to start playing this mode today? Let us know in the comments below!

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