Headquarters Logic: The bus is problematic, but touching the infected is not

From midnight, it is mandatory to wear masks in public transport.

It is a decision made by the National Civil Protection Headquarters, along with the decision to close the borders.

In public transport, from today, everyone must wear masks, and the driver will not be allowed to go if someone does not have a mask on his face.

“The driver must not start the vehicle if all passengers do not have medical masks or face masks,” Bozinovic said.

How Headquarters discovered the masks

“The measure is to maintain physical distance, but it is impossible in the tram. That is why it is obligatory to wear masks, they do not have to be exclusively medical masks, it can be a cloth mask made of thicker fabric than usual. If we know that public transport is crowded, start 15 minutes early. People are being pushed by force. Don’t do that. Face masks have become inevitable. The responsibility is on us – will we go in and work the crowd or wait for the second tram? ” said Capak’s deputy.

And so in a few months, the Headquarters went from the position that masks do not protect against coronavirus and have only psychological significance, as the head of the CNIPH Krunoslav Capak once claimed, to his deputy now declaring that “face masks have become inevitable “. Earlier, while Headquarters still looked at them roughly as garlic in defense against vampires, there were indications that masks could still help protect against the crown.

The logic of the Headquarters has thus experienced a 180-degree turn when it comes to masks, but something else should be noted when we talk about the logic of the Headquarters.

The decision to wear masks in public transport now de facto means that if a person is completely alone in public transport and does not have a mask on his face, the driver is not allowed to start a bus or tram.

Masks, for example, will have to be worn by people who are outdoors on a ferry or catamaran.

Without a mask, we can’t go on an empty bus now because it’s risky

Without a mask, therefore, we will not be able to get on an empty bus when there is no theoretical chance to make contact with an infected person, let alone close contact. On the other hand, a person who touched an infected person with his fist and stroked his shoulder does not have to isolate himself because that contact is not risky.

Coincidentally, the person who touched the infected person was Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, the infected person was Novak Đoković, everything took place just a few days ago, and the verdict that it was not close contact was given by the government headquarters, despite the guidelines of the European Center for Disease Prevention. wholehearted logistical assistance from the Croatian Institute of Public Health, headed by HDZ member Krunoslav Capak, otherwise a member of the Staff.

You may have gotten a little lost in this and you shouldn’t mind, these are complex things that our Headquarters deals with. In short, the logic of the Headquarters is as follows – touching an infected person is not a risky situation for infection, but riding a bus or tram is.

For public transport, the Headquarters will not measure how many minutes you spent on the bus or tram, nor will it assess whether you have been face to face with someone, whether you have accidentally scratched someone … This is a problematic situation, according to the Headquarters, in which is at risk of transmitting the virus.

Touching an infected person is not risky. If you are Plenković and have your own headquarters

And all this could be understood that the Headquarters does not consider three minutes of socializing (the government claims that it lasted 3 minutes so we have no choice but to trust them) with an infected person face to face and with physical contact to be risky behavior.

Before you think that this is a universal rule and that you would get out of self-isolation to touch an infected person, remember that you are probably not Andrej Plenković and that you do not have your own staff that can exculp you when you need it.

From a scenario in which you will pass without self-isolation after touching an infected person, it is still much more likely that your bus will not start because as the only passenger you do not have a mask.

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