Headquarters and the government are mumbling, look at what the EU Disease Center says about close contact

ALEMKA MARKOTIĆ, Head of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases Dr. Fran Mihaljević claims that Prime Minister Andrej Plenković does not meet the criteria for self-isolation, but the guidelines of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) say otherwise.

“HZJZ has clearly stated what the international criteria are, which apply to everyone. According to them, the Prime Minister does not meet the criteria for self-isolation. It is necessary that you have been in contact in the open for more than 15 minutes at a distance of less than two meters. such as hugging, shaking hands and kissing. The same applies to staying longer than 15 minutes indoors where there are indications that there were infected, “Markotic said.

However, the ECDC report states that these are two separate conditions. Also, hugging, shaking hands and kissing are not mentioned as a criterion for close contact, but physical contact is mentioned as a criterion.

“Contact of a person infected with COVID 19 is considered to be anyone who has been in personal contact with that person within a time frame of 48 hours before the onset of symptoms and up to 14 days after the onset of symptoms in persons infected with COVID 19.

In the event that an infected person has not had symptoms, contact is defined as someone who has been in contact with that person within 48 hours before taking a sample confirming the infection and up to 14 days after taking the sample, “the ECDC document said. .

The 15-minute timestamp in Plenković’s case is not crucial here at all, only physical contact is needed – which Plenković had with the infected Đoković.

According to the ECDC document, which was also referred to by the government in Plenković’s defense, “any person who has been in physical contact with a person infected with COVID” is considered close contact.

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They assure us that touching the shoulder and touching the fists is not physical contact

Plenković, despite clear instructions from the ECDC, is also defended by the Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak.

“The prime minister was not in close contact with Djokovic because he greeted with his fist. According to the epidemiological anamnesis, there was no physical contact between them, Capak claims, but it was a matter of touching with fists, which is not considered physical contact. less than three minutes “, said Capak, and today Minister Beroš claimed that Plenković did not make physical contact with Đoković.

The photos showed that Plenković not only greeted Djoković by touching his fists, but also touched him on the shoulder.

No one from the Headquarters, who is very passionate, not to say more difficult, has been justifying Plenković in recent days and is trying hard to prove that the Prime Minister does not have to isolate himself, has not explained the criteria for touching an infected person is not physical contact.

But interestingly, the American Centers for Disease Prevention, the world’s most important such organization, classifies fist bump greeting as physical contact, just like shaking hands, giving five hands and hugs.

For Croatian experts from government headquarters, physical contact is neither a hand-to-hand greeting for an infected person, nor touching an infected person.

At least when it comes to Prime Minister Plenković.

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