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The wait is over: the HBO Max has just been officially launched in Brazil. The streaming service will replace the old HBO Go and will feature content from WarnerMedia, including hit titles like Friends, Sex & The City and more. Check out the plans, prices, partner companies and the promotion for those who sign up for the launch.

HBO Max officially arrives in Brazil and Latin America (Image: Disclosure/WarnerMedia)

HBO Max has cheaper cell phone plan

There are two different HBO Max plans. Check out the differences:

Flat Features
HBO Max Mobile Exclusive use on smartphones and tablets
Only one transmission at a time
Only one user profile
Standard resolution
HBO Max Multiscreen Use on smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV or streaming equipment
Up to three simultaneous transmissions
Up to five user profiles
4K resolution

Both plans allow you to download movies and series to watch offline. HBO will have different prices for those who opt for a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription:

HBO Max Plan mobile Multiscreens
Monthly BRL 19.97 per month BRL 28.00 per month
Quarterly BRL 18.37 per month BRL 25.06 per month
Yearly BRL 14.21 per month BRL 20.07 per month

Discount on the launch of HBO Max

Like launching promotion, HBO Max has a 50% discount on the monthly plan. Anyone who subscribes to the service through the website until July 31, 2021 will pay R$9.95 per month on the Mobile plan or R$ 13.95 per month in the Multiscreen plan. This is an excellent incentive, since the reduced price is maintained indefinitely, while the subscription lasts.

WarnerMedia promotes HBO Max at Copacabana Beach, in Rio de Janeiro

WarnerMedia promotes HBO Max at Copacabana Beach, in Rio de Janeiro (Image: Publicity)

HBO Max partners with Mercado Livre, DirecTV Go and more

WarnerMedia also announced partner companies for the distribution of HBO Max in Brazil. Are they:

  • Telecom cable
  • Of course
  • DirecTV Go
  • Free market
  • Hey
  • Primepass
  • sky
  • TIM
  • Alive
  • WatchTV

In addition to partner companies, HBO Max can be signed directly with the company and through the app stores (App Store and Google Play).

According to WarnerMedia, partner companies can offer HBO Max as an integral part of their offerings, grant discounts and offer diversified payment methods.

For now, what is known is that Mercado Livre will sell HBO Max with up to 40% discount, depending on the user’s level in the Mercado Points program. E-commerce adopted a similar strategy with the launch of Disney+ in Brazil.

In addition, those who subscribe to DirecTV Go until September 30 will have the package with free HBO channels for a period of two years; the same subscription allows you to access HBO Max apps at no additional cost.

HBO Max will replace HBO Go

Former HBO Go subscribers will become HBO Max users upon launch. You will need to download another app on your TV, smartphone, tablet or other device to continue watching the programmer’s movies and series.

On first access, you will need to create a new credential from your old HBO Go login. Pay TV customers with HBO packages will also have access to HBO Max using the username and password of the partner operator.

What’s on HBO Max?

HBO Max will replace HBO Go and will have a much larger catalogue. In addition to the productions of the HBO, the streaming service will have content from Cartoon Network, DC, Looney Tunes, TNT and Warner Channel.

One of the main highlights of HBO Max is Friends: The Reunion, a special that brings together the actors of Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Chandler and joey 17 years after the official ending of the series. In fact, all seasons of friends will be on the streaming service, as well as successful Warner titles like The Big Bang Theory and gossip Girl.

Friends: Reunion will be available on HBO Max

Friends: The Reunion will be available on HBO Max (Image: Disclosure/WarnerMedia)

DC fans will also be able to watch movies like Wonder Woman: 1984, Batman: The Dark Knight, Aquaman and even the newly released Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

For children, the HBO Max catalog also includes drawings such as The Powerpuff Girls, Canine Patrol and Scooby Doo. Classic franchises like The Lord of the Rings, Matrix and Harry Potter will also be available on the streaming service.

What catches my attention the most about HBO Max is the original content that will come to the service. House of the Dragon will debut only in 2022 and will be a derivative series (spin off) in game of Thrones. WarnerMedia will also have Brazilian productions, such as CCP – The Secret Power, Pop Divas, musical competition led by singers Luisa Sonza and Pabllo Vittar and Astral Journey, astrology program presented by Angelica.

House of the Dragon: Game of Thrones spin-off arrives in 2022 on HBO Max

House of the Dragon: spin-off of game of Thrones arrives in 2022 to HBO Max (Image: Disclosure/WarnerMedia)

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