Hawk and the Winter Soldier: what to know before watching

Sam and Bucky have always been secondary characters in the MCU, but that is about to change with Falcon and the Winter Soldier. From mere supporting characters, they will star in Marvel’s second series on Disney + and should be key players in the link between phases 3 and 4.

Below, we have listed ten pieces of information that deserve to be remembered before starting to watch the series, which opens on March 19.

Sam will be the new Captain America (?)

To be or not to be?To be or not to be?

It may seem a little obvious, but it is important to remember that Avengers: Endgame ends with Steve Rogers passing the Captain’s shield to Sam. In the final scene, Rogers was responsible for returning the jewels of time to their proper places, however, he chose to stay in the past and have a life with Peggy Carter.

Sam or Bucky was already expected to take on the Captain’s mantle – in the comics, they both had their moments as the hero – and the film just confirmed that. The series should address this transition, showing how the character will be accepted – or not – and his journey until he definitively takes on the uniform and the shield.

Falcon will have a new costume


The most inattentive may have missed it, but since Sam joined the MCU as Falcão, he wore a few different uniforms. The main change happens between Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. But even after the second Marvel team film, the Falcon uniform featured some minor improvements.

For Falcon and the Winter Soldier there will also be a new upgrade, which can be seen in the trailers and which, this time, will be clearer. However, it was not possible to understand what the change offers as a novelty only through the promotional material.

Known, but not old friends

Ancient rivalry.Ancient rivalry.

Although the pair works well, it is important to remember that Sam and Bucky cannot be considered longtime friends. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Bucky is the villain, who returns in Captain America: Civil War. The relationship between them ended up working, however, after the film, Bucky spent the next 2 years in Wakanda while Sam was on the run with Captain America and the Black Widow.

With that, the series should show both some conflicts between the two, as well as the deepening of their friendship. They know each other little, which helps to make the series even more interesting.

Baron Zemo will return

With the complete uniform.With the complete uniform.

At the end of Captain America: Civil War, the Black Panther prevents Zemo from killing himself. The villain was responsible for creating tension between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark by revealing that Bucky was the one who killed Stark’s parents. He did this out of revenge, after his family died in Sokovia, during the events of Avengers Age of Ultron.

Since then, it has not been known what happened to Zemo beyond his imprisonment. The series must present the exit (or escape) of the villain, who must be closer to its original version in the comics, including with the purple mask. It must also be related to the actions of the Super-Patriot, another probable villain in the series who will make his MCU debut.

Bucky’s arm

Will he use his arm this time for anything other than holding weapons?Will he use his arm this time for anything other than holding weapons?

In Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man destroys Bucky’s arm during the final fight. In the post-credit scene the character is in Wakanda and to be treated and given a new arm, after T’Challa acknowledges that he almost killed an innocent man.

The problem is that since then, Bucky’s arm has not served many purposes. As it is a Wakanda technology, it is likely that it has some features, such as holographic projection, for example. The series should explore this technology at some point, after all, this arm must be used for something other than holding weapons.

Bucky and Sam disappeared in the Thanos snap

'I am inevitable'.‘I am inevitable’.

It may not seem so important at first, but after Thanos snapped his fingers, Bucky and Sam were among the people who disappeared. This means that the two were absent for five years.

Just as it happened in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the series can explore the consequences of that time that they were missing. In addition, this is an opportunity for both characters to gain more prominence, with the audience knowing more details about the heroes and their lives, and how other people were affected during the period that they were “dead”.

Bucky was semi-stable

Confused or tired?Confused or tired?

Bucky’s trajectory is complicated. The character almost died in Captain America’s first film, was used as a human weapon in the second, and was forced to fight his best friend. In the third, he was still confused and was responsible for unleashing a war between the Avengers.

At the end of black Panther, Bucky thanks Shuri for helping to get Hydra’s hypnosis out of his head. However, in Avengers: Infinity War, he tells Steve Rogers that he is semi-stable. It is possible that the phrase is just a joke. However, considering everything the character has been through, perhaps Bucky is still recovering from his traumas, and this can be shown in the series.

Will Sam return the shield?

'The legacy of this shield is very complicated'.‘The legacy of this shield is very complicated’.

The series trailer starts with Sam saying that the legacy of Captain America’s shield is complicated. Meanwhile, it is possible to see the character looking at that same shield in a kind of Captain America museum. This means that at some point in the series, he must give up the shield.

But, as has already been said, Steve Rogers passed the mantle over to Sam. The series can show his journey to becoming a new Captain America, while revealing the complications of the legacy.

Steve wanted Bucky to live his life

Will Bucky try to lead a peaceful life?Will Bucky try to lead a peaceful life?

Since Captain America: Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers sought to help his friend so that he could move on and have a normal life – or something like that. The Captain even tells Bucky that he wishes they could both live their lives away from all the chaos of being a superhero.

That may have been the reason Sam received the shield and may suggest that the series begins with Bucky trying to stay out of trouble, but being recruited at some point. If this is the case, it will be interesting to see if he will be convinced, or blackmailed, to return to active duty.

The series was filmed as a film

Sebastian Stan during the recordings of the series.Sebastian Stan during the recordings of the series.

Since the beginning of production, cast and crew have pointed out that the filming resembled a film and not a series. Anthony Mackie told the Variety that “We are shooting exactly like a movie. Everyone who has worked on TV before was like, ‘I’ve never worked on a TV series like this.’ The way we shoot, it looks exactly like we’re shooting a movie. But, a movie of six or eight hours ”.

This suggests that Falcon and the Winter Soldier may be a more episodic series, different from WandaVision, which told a complete story. With that, the series can focus on presenting Sam accepting (or not accepting) the Captain’s shield, Bucky saying goodbye to the MCU, or some other story that serves as a connection for this nucleus, with Marvel’s Phase 4 in theaters.

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