Having an Easy Melody, These 10 Korean Songs Make the Atmosphere More Cool

The Korean music industry in recent years has indeed become a concern. Moreover, every year, there are always soloists and idol groups who are ready to steal the hearts of many people.

The songs produced by idols and soloists are not playing around, always fresh with a new colorful concept. Many choices of various genres. The following song recommendations make the atmosphere more solemn.

Come on, go straight scroll. Who knows, your favorite idol song will come in list.

1. Woollim – “Relay”


Woollim Entertainment presents a slick collaboration that cannot be forgotten. Through the song “Relay”, all those who are under the auspices of Woollim also participated. The song itself has an addictive melody. Addictive!

2. K.R.Y SUJU – “When We Were Us”


SM entertaiment does have all the idols with a sweet voice. Especially from the legendary group Super Junior. Seeing the extraordinary vocals, from Kyuhyun Ryeowook and Yesung a K.R.Y sub-unit was formed.

Formed from 2006, finally Kyuhyun cs comeback with the first mini album titled “When We Were Us“Button. The three voices united with the accompaniment of guitar and piano. Really can enter list to accompany when you’re sad, because the song is indeed ballad.

3. Roy Kim, Linger On


Synonymous singing the song ballad that touches the heart, the figure of Roy Kim has always managed to make the atmosphere more melancholy. Especially when performing the song “Linger On”. Make everything forget.

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4. Heize – “Lyricist”


Heize is indeed known as a soloist who is able to bring the song to life. The music is easy listening accompanied by the strains of the piano, able to create a calm mood.

5. Sandeul – “Lazy Me”

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From the title alone, Sandeul’s song “Lazy Me” is already describing life. Moreover, each of the lyrics is like an outpouring of everyone when they are in the phase of being lazy to do anything. Listen at night, while taking in the meaning. Very solemn!

6. Ha Sung Woon – “Get Ready”


Get Ready “from Sungwoon is really a great choice to play when the night approaches. The atmosphere feels even more fun. Try listening.

7. Momoland – “Starry Night”


Girlgroup with these 5 members, finally enlivened the year 2020 with comeback. SongStarry Night “, just be in the spotlight because of its unique concept. Nancy and her friends seemed to enjoy the beauty of the night filled with stars. While lying down, watching the MV is the best fit.

8. NU’EST – “Best Summer”


NU’EST just now comeback with the album “Best Summer”. The beat is easy pop, make me keep listening.

9. Bang Ye Dam – “WAYO”


Yedam from Treasure finally officially released single solo. The song “WAYO” with its relaxing rhythm makes the mood feels better.

10. Chung Ha ft pH-1 – “My Friend”


Every comeback, Chung Ha is always impressed with his beautiful voice. Moreover, the selection of melodies and concepts is always right. This time, the song “My Friend” was sung as a feauturing with the singer pH-1. A really nice mix!

After listening, which song will be on your favorite list?

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