HarmonyOS, eSim and 14 days of battery life

Huawei has just lifted the veil on the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro. This new generation of connected watches stands out thanks to a 100% smartphone independent mode (eSim), a temperature sensor, fall detection technology and an autonomy of around 14 days. Above all, it embeds HarmonyOS, the modular operating system of the Chinese group. Release date, price, new features… We take a tour of everything you need to know about the smartwatch.

As announced, Huawei took advantage of the presentation of Freebuds 4, new wireless headphones, and the MatePad 2 tablet to unveil new high-end connected watches: the Huawei Watch 3.

The smartwatch is available in two versions : a standard edition with an aluminum frame and a Pro edition, more upscale and premium, built in titanium. It stands out thanks to a glass screen protector and a ceramic back. The brand offers a strap in rubber, leather, metal and braided nylon. We also find a scroll wheel on the right side of the watches. This crown is used to control the interface, just like the touch screen. Huawei integrates a haptic feedback system on the dial.

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huawei watch 3

HarmonyOS, 14 days of battery life, drop detection and eSim mode, here are the Huawei Watch 3

The Watch 3 are built around1.43-inch 60Hz AMOLED display (326 ppi and maximum brightness of 1000 nits). Huawei smartwatches are eSim compatible, like cellular Apple Watches. This virtual sim card will allow you to do without a smartphone when you go out for a jog, for example. Despite not having a phone in your pocket, you will be able to make phone calls or listen to music online.

esim watch 3

On the autonomy side, Huawei promises 3 days with a single recharge if the watch is used in 4G mode. With cellular mode disabled, the accessories offer up to 14 days of battery life without going through the recharge box. The Watch 3 Pro climbs to 5 days with 4G mode and to 21 days as a companion for the smartphone.

The Watch 3 comes with HarmonyOS, the in-house operating system developed by Huawei. Deprived of an Android license, Google services and more generally all American technologies, the Chinese group now integrates its OS into its products. Not surprisingly, the smartwatch is equipped withAppGallery, the application store offered by Huawei.

Mirroring Apple on Apple Watch, Huawei integrates a fall detection system. If the wearer falls, the watch will display an alert on the screen. This notification allows you to automatically call for help in the event of injury or difficulty getting back on your feet.

The watch is clad with sensors designed to monitor the health of its wearer. In addition to the traditional heart monitor, of the’oximeter to measure oxygen in the blood and a sleep tracking, the Watch 3 stand out with a tool capable of identifying user stress. Finally, Huawei also inaugurates a temperature sensor. This module located on the back of the watch, the area in contact with your wrist, measures your body heat in real time. It thus prevents hyperthermia and hypothermia.

huawei watch 3 pro

With this new generation, Huawei is also aimed at athletes. The watch carries more of 100 exercise modes, including 85 customizable modes and 17 professional modes (for indoor activities such as the elliptical trainer or outdoor activities such as running or cycling). Finally, the Pro edition differs from the standard model thanks to the presence ofa dual GPS which allows a more precise localization.

Huawei has yet to reveal the price or release date of the Watch 3.

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