Happy Harvest and 4 more classic Orkut games

A social network that became a fever in the 2000s, Orkut appeared in 2004 and was deactivated in 2014. Although it is no longer available, it is still remembered by many users who miss communities, such as “Eu Odeio Acordar Cedo”, the testimonials and the classic orkut games.

The games were very popular with groups of friends, who could send gifts, lives and socialize. The games were so remarkable that to this day they are one of the reasons that many ask for the return of the social network.

Orkut classic games

To make you nostalgic, the TecMundo separated the 5 best games on the platform for you to remember that time, check it out!

1. Buddy Poke

definitely one of classic orkut games and the Buddy Poke. In it, you created your own 3D doll and interacted with your friends. It was possible to send kisses, bear hugs, dance and other actions.

There were even those who used the Buddy Poke to flirt, sending flowers, holding hands or even kissing the other Poke. As well as expressing your frustrations: I’m sad, confused and upset, for example.

Currently, it is possible to find similar games on the Facebook platform, such as Avatars.

2. Happy Harvest

As the name implies, in this game also considered a Orkut classic, the participants needed to take care of their harvest. Daily they had to cultivate the soil, remove weeds, plant virtual seeds, feed the animals and manage the entire virtual farm.

A Happy harvest he still counted on the possibility of visiting his friends’ farm and stealing the profit generated from cow’s milk, chicken eggs and food from the plantation.

3. MegaCity

Have you ever thought about being mayor of a city? In the game MegaCity that was possible. The objective was to transform the city into a large metropolis, with several residences, buildings, avenues and commerce.

The player needed to plant, fish, build projects and fulfill goals to earn money and invest in new buildings and, consequently, in the expansion of the city. The city did not have to be limited to the land, it was possible to expand towards the sea, creating beaches and islands.

As mayor, you also needed to be concerned about beauty and places to socialize and socialize, like beach kiosks and coconut carts. I couldn’t not be one Orkut classicwill you say?

As in the game Happy Harvest, the game also allowed you to visit neighbors, including working in their establishments to increase reputation, experience, coins and energy points.

4. Café Mania

If it’s a lot of responsibility for you to take care of an entire city, how about becoming the owner of a restaurant and managing all the aspects that this business requires? How Coffee Mania, you could do it.

The Orkut game allowed you to open a coffee shop from scratch and decorate it according to your taste. The dishes developed there could be inspired by reality or totally different and funny.

Serving drinks, hiring waiters and attendants and growing business with other branches on the beach was also part of the experience. However, before you had the challenge of managing the first restaurant, which depended on its popularity to be successful.

Friends were a crucial part of this process. The more people who helped you, the better it was for your virtual business. They could help you in different ways, being customers or even attendants.

5. Secrets of the Sea

The classic Orkut games delivered everything, proof of this is that if you didn’t want to manage a farm, be the mayor or own a restaurant, then you had the option of controlling an aquarium. Yes, an aquarium. It was just playing Secrets of the Sea.

In this game, the user could create their own little world at the bottom of the ocean, decorating it with sea artifacts such as shells, algae and corals and adding different fish. Having thus your own virtual aquarium.

The purpose of the game was to decorate the aquarium and make it the home of several fish. As the animals reached adulthood, it was possible to place them to reproduce and thus continue the cycle of caring for the animals and the environment.

So, what’s your favorite classic Orkut game?

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