Halo Infinite has mistakes, successes and lots of fun

If there was a synonym in the games market for Microsoft, he would be the franchise Halo. I believe that a large part of the success of the consoles released by the company to date is due to the stories that involve Master Chief and his troupe.

After a long and dark winter in which Halo Infinite generated jokes and memes on social networks, finally the new space adventure is among us, more precisely for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S. And was the wait worth it? That’s what we’re going to describe from now on.

underexplored characters

The history of Halo Infinite put Master Chief to face the well-known enemies of yore, such as the banned. commanded by Escharrum e Harbinger, your mission is the same as the other adventures: to save the world from opposing threats.

In order not to get too into the details of the story and avoid spoilers, the developer 343 Industries couldn’t create supporting characters to match the other games. His new artificial intelligence, called Arma, will never have the charisma and protagonism of Cortana.

What to say then Pilot, who appears in the adventure to save Master Chief and lead you through the open world of Zeta Halo, one of the great innovations of the series, where we finally find an open world?

The company left something to be desired in this regard, unlike what we found in other games in the series, where this point always had a quality above expectations. It is also worth noting that the outcomes are accelerated and little worked on.

I’ve been here before, haven’t I?

As explained earlier, for the first time we have the opportunity to play with Master Chief in a wonderful open world, worthy of the great games of the franchise.

This was an old request from many fans who were bothered by the linearity of the game’s plot and actions. point for 343 Industries, because it’s not easy to break through within this genre, but the applause ends here.

The impression that was left is that we are in a vast world, with excellent graphics and optimization, but with nothing to explore and with many bugs. And it’s worth noting that when we talk about a sandbox, what we really want is to explore the map.

It doesn’t have to be like Fallout, which takes expeditions to another level, but at least it was fun to find items and characteristics unique to each region. There are more biomes in Forza Horizon than in Halo Infinite.

Unlike what was announced before launch, the game has been changed in its look and for the better. We didn’t just have changes in brightness and colors. Halo Infinite forgets the premise of its predecessors, with a cartoonish and childish look.

Enter the adult world once and for all, without losing its most relevant features, such as unique weapons and enemies, wonderful space sounds and fun enemies.

However, everything is repeated with just over 3 hours of gameplay. We knew that the main adventure would be short, meaning that each player could finish it in between 7 and 10 hours. Of course, it depends on each player and when he “explores” the locations on the map.

Imagining such a short campaign, I expected greater interactivity with the setting and with diversified environments, but that’s not what happens. In many moments you have that feeling of Already seen.

Frantic action with creativity

if the world of Zeta Halo it’s a real ghost town (ok, I exaggerated a bit here), something positive must be said about the possibilities that the sandbox world brought to the adventure.

With his hook and a playful mind, the confrontations against enemies will be the high point of the game, making you leave the story aside in many moments. The non-linear world brought a vast scenario of possibilities.

It is here that we can repair the grandeur of the Master Chief in front of your enemies. But don’t think it will be easy. Even on the easiest difficulties, the challenge will be there. Also prepare to face the bosses, even if they have few characteristics different from each other. The instruments of war leverage the best of the saga Halo: gameplay.

Remember the famous grenade jumps to reach places that were never navigable before? Now everything is easier with the grappling hook, which will help you reach regions that can be crucial to destroying enemies.

The immersion takes on even more shape when playing with the dubbing in Portuguese, which is practically flawless. Only a few slips in pronunciation were noticed and only the most experienced in the series will notice.

The world sandbox brings goals that do not quite innovate the genre. Your big mission will be to take bases for the soldiers of the UNSC and thus have weapons and vehicles at their disposal.

In Zeta Halo it will also be possible to carry out secondary objectives, such as destroying towers that help to spread the words of the Outcasts.

the icing on the cake

As we said above, the campaign is short, the sandbox mode has given new life to the franchise and the adventure has its problems, especially in the development of certain characters.

So why not focus the gaming experience on cool multiplayer? Apparently this was the focus of the 343 Industries. It is worth noting that the online mode can be played by anyone, even without having the base game.

THE multiplayer starts with the Academy, introducing the game to those who don’t have experience in the saga Halo. It’s a real welcome card for newbies.

Competitive mode features seven forms of fun: Quick Match, Grand Team Battle, Ranked Arena, Fiesta, All-On-All Assassin, Tactical Assassin, and Team Assassin.

Within these modes it is still possible to customize the adventure in 6 different ways, including a 4 versus 4 mode and the big battle, 12 versus 12.

In the coming months, the developer will release Forge mode, where you will be able to create custom maps and modes to share with the community. The idea is that he arrives in the third season.

It is worth it?

Halo Infinite revives the great games of the series, mainly found in Combat Evolved e Halo, with respect to gameplay and narrative, respectively. The game is very beautiful, with graphics relevant to the current generation of consoles and very different from what was announced in 2018.

The introduction of the sandbox world was important to enhance the franchise’s winning gameplay, but it still lacks in the exploration mode, which could take shape with the next editions.

As short as the campaign mode is, the real fun is found in the online multiplayer, with several modes available and a huge replay factor.

Nota Voxel: 83

How I missed you, Chief!

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