Halloween: 20 Scariest Horror Movie Scenes

Horror movies manage to provoke extreme feelings in their viewers, mainly because of the tension-filled sequences and breathtaking moments. With that in mind, and with Halloween in vogue, we’ve put together some of the scariest scenes in horror movie history.

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20. The accident in Hereditary

Considered by many to be one of the most interesting horror films of the last decade, there is one scene in particular from Hereditary (2018) which refers to several classic tales of the genre in literature. When the car collides with a pole and the sound of something breaking is uncomfortable, there is nothing more to be done. Not even looking back and seeing the damage.

19. End of the blair witch

Forerunner of a very curious subgenre in horror and horror cinema, the ending of this found footage managed to be scary and at the same time intriguing, as it leaves many loose ends for the public. In addition, the atmosphere created by the filmmakers with homemade footage made everything even more hideous.

18. Hitchcock’s Hidden Frame

Psychosis (1960) is considered one of the great classics of the genre. The filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, even, would have mixed the frame of a skull, in the last moments of the film, with that of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) when he is staring at the audience.

17. The basement in Zodiac

While David Fincher’s film isn’t exactly a horror project, there is one scene that left audiences anguished for what was to come, mostly because there’s every indication that a tragedy will happen when Jake Gyllenhaal’s character is guided to the scene. basement of a suspect’s house.

16. The clown in Poltergeist

Many people are afraid of clowns. For that reason alone, this scene would be scary for them. In general, the sequence in question presents a recurrent cliché of the genre that was used to exhaustion. However, it is worth remembering that Poltergeist (1982) was one of the first films to use it.

15. Expectations in Signals

M. Night Shyamalan’s film provokes the audience at all times and even plays with the clichés of the genre. However, when Joaquin Phoenix’s character is watching a newscast, he is surprised by something that also surprises viewers for a few seconds.

14. Terrible deaths in The nightmare time

Among several deaths introduced by Wes Craven in his classic with assassin Freddy Krueger, there is one in particular that is quite frightening. The character’s claws emerge from inside the bed of Johnny Depp’s character, who was sleeping peacefully until being sucked. From the hole, a flood of blood ends up being splashed.

13. The film produced in Don’t Look Up

When editors decide to watch the feature film being produced, they notice that something bizarre may be going on behind the scenes. Without any kind of sound, the sequence is scary because of what can come to the screen at that moment.

12. A hiding place in Halloween

Many consider the feature film starring Jamie Lee Curtis as the masterpiece of John Carpenter. In the midst of so many persecutions, the character hides inside a clothes closet. But when maniac Michael Myers invades the place, the unpredictability of what could happen takes over the atmosphere.

11. Or hospital Hallucinations of the Past

There are many elements that can make viewers sleepless in this film, but when its protagonist is kept in a hospital, several hallucinations are triggered in this context. All of them obviously invade the screen in an awful way.

10. Dinner in Chainsaw Massacre

With a seemingly simple premise, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) won the audience of his time with scenes full of graphic violence and a lot of horror. Obviously, the figure of the serial killer of this slasher is the one that most impacted all those who had contact with the production, mainly due to his bizarre appearance in one of the most iconic scenes in the film.

9. Psychological torture in crazy obsession

Often, movies don’t need to show much detail of what’s going on, they just suggest. It is the case of crazy obsession (1990), whose madness from Annie (Kathy Bates) allowed her to scare her idol (James Caan) and audiences with words alone.

8. The pursuit of The illuminated

Among all the scary and unpredictable things about Stanley Kubrick’s film, in particular, there is a maze chase at the end of the production that has audiences anguished over what little Danny’s fate would be.

7. The beginning of Panic

Everything looked good when the first movie in the franchise started. Until Casey (Drew Barrymore) answers the phone and despairs of being alone at home and various details catch her attention. The fact is that the scene has a very well done dramatic construction and left viewers afflicted by what would come next.

6. The video of Ringu (O Chamado)

In the late 1990s, a bizarre video was in the imagination of many people. The fixation of those involved with him generated a bizarre encounter with Sadako, the creepy ghost who managed to materialize in the homes of those who watched his suffering.

5. The tall man of Evil Current

The growing tension caused by what is already known is one of the hallmarks of the most terrifying scene in Evil Current (2014). When Jay (Maika Monroe) knows there’s something chasing her, she rushes to lock herself in her room, but it’s no use as the tall man’s appearance is inevitable.

4. The suicide of Kairo

Among all the uncomfortable sequences of Kairo (2001), there is one in particular that is brutal and very shocking. Filled with ghosts, symbolism and absurd silences, the film presents, in a very graphic way, a suicide in sequence. The victim throws himself from a great height and the noise of the impact is frightening.

3. Appearance of the Babadook

The owner of this film can appear at any time in the narrative. But the scariest scene in the production takes place when Amelia (Essie Davis) is trying to sleep and her discomfort is evident. Despite all the evidence, the creature appears when no one expects.

2. Darkness of The Silence of the Lambs

When Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) decides to take the plunge to find more clues to the serial killer she investigates, she is alone and in unpredictable darkness. Through a contrast of light, the audience is able to follow their agony into the unknown. One of the great scenes from the 1991 production.

1. The crucifix in The Exorcist

Finally, we couldn’t fail to mention one of the most terrifying movies of all time. The Exorcist it’s loaded with terrifying scenes, but one of them specifically managed to keep a lot of people awake. At one point, Regan (Linda Blair) has a crucifix in her hands, violently hitting her privates and bleeding.

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