Halloween: 10 Most Shocking Deaths in Horror Movies

Horror movies often feature long sequences filled with truly horrific violence and death. From classics of the genre to the most recent productions, without a doubt, there are moments that will be imprinted in the memory of all fans. With that in mind, we’ve selected some of the most shocking deaths seen in horror movies throughout movie history.

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10. Christine Baxter em Winter of Blood in Venice

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Right in the opening scene of Nicolas Roeg’s classic, the filmmaker provokes viewers with an extremely brutal fear. Although the film is centered on the supernatural, it is from something very likely to happen in reality that the sinister atmosphere of the production is built.

John Baxter’s (Donald Sutherland) daughter Christine (Sharon Williams) ends up drowning in a pond near her home. Unfortunately, he cannot save her from death.

9. The nanny in The prophecy

(20th Century Fox/Reproduction)(20th Century Fox/Reproduction)Fonte:  20th Century Fox

With a premise full of suffering, anguish and fear, The prophecy it was one of the most disturbing films of its time. Damien (Harvey Spencer Stephens), the antichrist in the story, is just a child when his nanny hangs herself in front of all the guests at a children’s party.

Before jumping from the top of the family’s mansion, the character called for Damien. The impact of this assisted suicide is great among those present. And the dramatic construction is quite potent in every way.

8. Marion Crane em Psychosis

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In 1960, when Alfred Hitchcock released Psychosis, the audience was surprised by the death of its protagonist, which occurred in the first half of the feature film. Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) was taking a shower at a roadside motel when she was surprised and stabbed.

The agonizing soundtrack added even more dynamism to the sequence, which even took a long time to film. The turning point in the narrative is, without a doubt, a clever daring of its filmmaker, something that completely changed the trajectory of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), the real killer.

7. Pat Hingle em Suspiria

(Produzioni Atlas Consorziate/Reproduction)(Produzioni Atlas Consorziate/Reproduction)Source: Atlas Consorziate Productions

With visually eye-catching scenes, Dario Argento skillfully builds an atmosphere of tension and horror. By introducing the dance academy that Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) attends, the filmmaker manages to establish all its bizarre and sinister mood.

Pat Hingle (Eva Axén) comes to the screen very scared of death. The character is stabbed several times and then she is thrown against the skylight, breaking the glass and hanging by the neck.

6. Kane em Alien: the 8th Passenger

(20th Century Fox/Reproduction)(20th Century Fox/Reproduction)Fonte:  20th Century Fox

Kane (John Hurt) was with his teammates fully when he begins to feel great discomfort in his chest. The character agonizes while everyone else tries to contain him. Kane screams desperately, but it’s too late.

It is at this point that a lot of blood starts to spurt from his white shirt. An alien is coming out of your body. The crew is stunned and, almost motionless, can’t react amidst the chaos of their companion’s death.

5. Frank Cotton em Hellraiser

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Certainly, this scene will hardly leave the viewers’ minds, mainly because of all the graphic violence that appears on the screen. In the plot, Frank (Sean Chapman) is captured again by the Cenobites, who torture him in a frightening way. His face is pierced by several hooks, which, at one point, completely disfigure his face.

4. Pam me The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

(Bryanston Pictures/Reproduction)(Bryanston Pictures/Reproduction)Fonte:  Bryanston Pictures

Another death that also involves hooks happens in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) by Tobe Hooper. Leatherface, the production’s serial killer, usually kills his victims with clean slashes, but with Pam (Teri McMinn) it was different. The character had his neck held by a hook used in the meat industry. While dying to death, the villain still frightens her in every way.

3. Charlie Graham in Hereditary

(A24/Reproduction)(A24/Reproduction)Source: A24

Charlie Graham (Milly Shapiro), one of the protagonists of the Ari Aster film, ends up dying in a heartbreaking way. When Peter (Alex Wolff), her older brother, drives a car at high speed and his head sticks out—which would help her breathe better—the young girl has her head banged against a pole and instantly dies. Paralyzed, Peter is unable to see the backseat even when he returns home.

2. Copper in The Enigma of Another World

(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)Fonte:  Universal Pictures

The 1982 film directed by John Carpenter is about an unknown creature that is causing several murders in a completely remote region. When Norris (Charles Hallahan) has a heart attack, Copper (Richard Dysart) the available doctor tries to revive him. However, the character has his hands swallowed by the monster that opens its teeth directly from Norris’ chest.

1. The head exploded in Scanners: Your Mind Can Destroy

(Manson International/Reproduction)(Manson International/Reproduction)Fonte:  Manson International

Closing the list, one of the most iconic deaths of all time. Directed by David Cronenberg, the film features several people with telekinetic powers. However, all of this literally culminates in a head exploding during one of the main group’s lectures. The scene became so famous lately that it even became a meme.

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