GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition is far from definitive

The legacy that a franchise like GTA carries an involuntary responsibility on its creators. Fans, industry, retailers, analysts, YouTubers and any human being who plays video games end up composing a group that pressures a company to always deliver excellence. Rockstar lives with the heritage it created.

As a fan and collector of GTA, it hurts the soul, more than the heart, to see my favorite game series in life receive this treatment as it has its flagship trilogy remastered to current platforms.

Rockstar pulled the Definitive Edition from GTA 3, Vice City e San Andreas after a wave of rumors that for years have traced games that defined an entire generation of consoles and gamers, in journeys that set trends and created important open world paradigms in the industry. The 3 as mafia, the Vice City as a cartel and the San Andreas like street gang.

-Source: Rockstar

The gap was miraculously short between announcement and release, as is rarely seen in the culture of hype: the compilation was unveiled in early October to be released in November, just a month later, under the baton of the Grove Street Games studio, which has a long history of porting games to mobile devices, including the aforementioned GTAs. It is even here that the signs of perdition begin to appear, leaving a question hanging in the air: is there time for the promised rescue?

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The mess of concepts… and it doesn’t matter

Remastering, remake, reboot, reimagining, rereading: we are not here now to necessarily debate the concepts of each one, which somehow ended up becoming trivial over the years, with the volume of adaptations we have in the market and the countless innocuous discussions in around the topic, but to talk about some design decisions that the development team has made.

Starting with the notorious facial modeling, which occupied the largest share of discussions just for the ad trailers, with puppets trapped in Instagram filters and even called “mini-cracks” by some here in Brazil, due to the caricature head and shapeless choices, without the charm of yesteryear.

GTA 3 he seems to be the least punished in this holy trinity: Claude maintains his discreet countenance, with an unshaven face and a rectangular face, a 90’s gel forelock and a sullen beak.

-Source: Rockstar/TecMundo

Tommy Vercetti of GTA Vice City, in turn, is more like a doll, with flabby arms and a harmless face, without the grim look of the 2002 original. This character, voiced by actor Ray Liotta in the film’s tone the good companions, looks like an ice cream seller (all respect for that profession, but he should look like a cartel boss).

The famous CJ, loved and adored by his fans, was left with nothing, victim of a disproportionate and unnecessary plastic surgery. As the character can be customized in mechanics of a light RPG, the botox only increases.

Are updates able to fix this sort of thing? Not completely, but through patches, as happened to our dear barber in San Andreas, who has returned to being a retired Morgan Freeman (or something close to it) after a massive patch patch.

-Source: TecMundo/Rockstar

Facial surgery and rain of “meteorites”

The paradox of the matter is: the facial models are not exactly ugly in isolation, but rather awkward when compared to the originals, giving that strange feeling of emptiness to the player – it’s as if the Definitive Edition it was neither there nor here, it is remaster and it is not, being located in an uncomfortable purgatory of the 9 circles of Dante’s Inferno, indecisive with its destiny.

They could have done the basics for the rain, but they chose to complicate a process that compromises performance, in contrast to scenarios that, yes, are beautiful

The scenarios, in turn, represent the safe-conduct of this collection; there is a minimum of depth in cities. Streets, walls and mountains have “tessellation”, that is, their own geometry applied on top of existing content, with scratches and embossed marks, in addition to some welcome shaders as solutions for reflections and shadows, especially in puddles that are spread out. after thunderstorms.

By the way, here is another haunting of this trilogy: the rains. Instead of the studio using a simple solution to deliver the basics, they created huge particles for the drops, which look like meteorites falling from the sky, or rebellious shooting stars taking revenge on those who doubted their existence, or even huge pocketknives that almost do justice to the saying they carry.

-Source: TecMundo/Rockstar

These huge white scribbles lend a superficial and artificial aesthetic to the rain rather than making it a natural element of open world life, and they take a toll on performance, which plummets. In addition, the white line drops ignore some stones in the scenery, which turn into transparent objects, and rain in covered places.

Performance vs. fidelity and falls

The trilogy lets you opt for the traditional fidelity mode, which leaves games at 30 fps and prioritizes resolution, or choose performance, which raises the frame rate to 60 per second, with dips. In addition to rain, explosions, congestion of cars and on-screen NPCs strain performance.

The crosshair offers three alternatives: free, assisted or “classic” control, in which the reticle will always be locked onto someone. Even though it’s been improved, it shows the rusts of time and may have unwanted behavior when aiming at its target.

There are also invisible walls in place of obstacles that should be present in visible 3D textures on the screen, such as grids, cones and the like, as well as bugs that can impede progress in certain missions, especially in a certain objective of GTA Vice City, which was fixed in a recent update. However, the rule is clear: we must be transparent and stick to any game as it was released, not under the promise of what it will be.

yes there is beauty too

Where there’s a storm there’s room for sun too, and GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition it features prettier games, with minimally worked light and reflections, flashy explosions, enamelled cars, a welcome wheel of guns and radio stations (although, unfortunately, some songs have been removed for copyright issues).

The classic missions are there, as well as the memories, the unforgettable songs, the stories that marked an era and that are part of our lives. All of this exists as you knew it and, yes, it is playable, absorbable and appreciable content, given the proper proportions and caveats mentioned above.

-Source: TecMundo/Rockstar


Fans who were needy to get their hands on those retouched GTAs with platinum/1000g trophies at least now have that alternative, although our humble recommendation is to hope that the updates will take effect over time.

Grove Street Games has basically turned in an incomplete work, littered with remnants of mobile ports, and that could trap this trilogy for a long time, until, perhaps, it manages to break free of its own shackles.

This is a purely technical analysis, because if I were to put my heart here and donate my soul, of course the grade could be higher, after all, we are talking about three games that revolutionized the industry.

-Source: TecMundo/Rockstar

The good times are still there, amusing as always and able to make me touch whatever I was playing to return to delight in the streets of Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, reliving the great memories of formerly to the sound of the 80s and 90s, the best decades in history, responsible for building my musical taste, my profile as a gamer and my appreciation for the emblematic aesthetic that defined our timeline.

But we need to be technical and honest enough to say that there is a long work of updating ahead until these games find a more satisfying form. For now, the originals remain sovereign.

GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition was not released as a definitive product and requires a long work of updates to find.

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